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Maiden baby names and what they mean, for maiden.

pinAluma - Io

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Maiden names: Camilla, Cora, Corinna, Corinne

Aluma 1 .. Source fr. Hebrew element. "Maiden; sheaf (of grain at harvest)." Aluama, Aluka and Alula are kreatif variations. [Alumice, .. 1 more]

Arachne 2 .. A young maiden who challenged the .. Rare, but Arachne, Arakne, Archna are similar to popular Ar- surname Aracena (upper 22%). [Arakne, .. 1 more]

Arwen 3 .. an elf maiden in Tolkien's Lord .. Not in popularity charts. [Arwyn]

Atalanta 4 .. .. an athletic young maiden huntress who .. Atalanta, Atlanta and Atlante are seldom used as birth names. [Atlanta, .. 1 more]

Azra 5 .. Source fr. Arabic. "Maiden." Azra is not frequently used as a birth name. See also Azor.

Berdine 6 .. Source fr. Old German. "Bright or glowing maiden." Not in popularity charts. See also Byrdene.

Berengaria 7 .. Origin fr. Old English element. "Maiden of the bear spear." Not Top 1000 name. The wife of English King Richard ..

Bertilde 8 .. Origin fr. Old German. "Bright warrior maiden." Outside Top 1000. See also Berthilde.

Brunhilda 9 .. .. of the Valkyrie, maidens who ride .. A quirky baby name. [Brinhild, Brinhilde, Brunhilde, Brynnhilda, Hildi, .. 15 more]

Camilla 10 .. .. of a warrior maiden, Queen of .. Camilla, Cami, Cammie and Kamille are common as forms. [Cam, Camella, Cami, Camile, Camillie, Camylla, Camylle, Kamila, Kamilka, Kamilla, .. 28 more]

Cassiopeia 11 .. .. of Andromeda, the maiden who was .. Not Top 1000 names. [Cassiopia, .. 2 more]

Chorine 12 .. From Greek, French languages. "Maiden; dance." Chorine was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Carrine. Probably an altered form of Corinne ..

Cora 13 .. Origin fr. Greek element. "Maiden." Widely used, with usage of 0.0251% for Cora, Korrie, etc. as girls' names in 2014, higher than 0.0233% a year ago. Probably a variant of Kore or .. [Corabel, Coralee, Coralia, Coralyn, Coree, Coretta, Corey, Corinne, Corlene, Correen, .. 48 more]

Corinna 14 .. Root fr. Greek. "Maiden." Carine, Carinna, Carinne, Carynna and Carynne are more novel as versions of Corinna. From Korinna, probably derived from Kore .. [Carine, Carinna, Carynna, Coreana, Corenne, Correna, Corrin, Corrine, Corrinna, Karynna, .. 31 more]

Corinne 15 .. Derivative of Greek element. "Maiden." Widely used as girls' names, Karine, Corinne, etc. are comparable to the common Karie. French form of Corinna, also used .. [Carinne, Corrine, Corryne, Karene, Karrine, Karyne, Korine, Korrine, .. 20 more]

Cyrene 16 .. Kyrene was a maiden huntress and .. Not in popularity charts. [Cyrena, Cyrina]

Ermintrude 17 .. .. trut meaning "Ermen's maiden", referring to .. Adoption of Trudy and variants shot up in the 1940s and has become lower, with Trudy becoming less in vogue. [Ermengard, Ermentraud, Irmentrud, Imtrud, .. 3 more]

Gaenor 18 .. .. "beautiful" and (g)wyry(f) "maiden". Not in popularity charts. See also Gwenore.

Imogen 19 .. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic element. "Maiden." Emogen, Imogen, Imogenia, Imogine and Imojean are more novel as variant forms. From the Celtic name Innogen which .. [Emogen, Imogenia, Imogine, .. 4 more]

Io 20 Io was a maiden who caught .. Outside Top 1000. [Eyo]

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Summary of Maiden names (and variants) for girls.

Aluma - Io
Aluma [Alumit, Alumice], Arachne [Arakne, Archna], Arwen [Arwyn], Atalanta [Atlanta, Atlante], Azra, Berdine, Berengaria, Bertilde, Brunhilda [Hilde, Hilda, Nilda, Hildi, Hildy, Hildie, Brynnhilda, Brynnhilde, ..], Camilla [Mille, Milly, Milli, Milla, Kamyla, Millee, Millie, Kamille, ..], Cassiopeia [Kassiopia, Cassiopia, Kassiopeia], Chorine, Cora [Korry, Korrie, Korina, Koryne, Koryssa, Korinne, Korynna, Lacoria, ..], Corinna [Koreen, Korina, Korena, Karrina, Karynna, Korinne, Koreena, Korrina, ..], Corinne [Koryn, Korrin, Korine, Korinne, Korinna, Korrine, Korynne, Korrinne, ..], Cyrene [Cyrena, Cyrina], Ermintrude [Trudy, Imtrud, Irmtraud, Ermengard, Irmentrud, Ermyntrude, Ermentraud], Gaenor, Imogen [Emogen, Emogene, Imogene, Imogine, Imojean, Imojeen, Imogenia], Io [Eyo]

Justine - Virginia
Justine [Justy, Justie, Justene, Justina, Justinn, Justyne, Justyna, Justeene, ..], Kora [Korina, Korinne, Korinna, Korissa, Korrina, Korynna, Korrine, Koryssa, ..], Kori [Kory, Korey, Koree, Korie, Korri, Korry, Korrie], Korina [Koryn, Korynn, Korrin, Korinne, Korinna, Korrine, Korynne, Korrina, ..], Magda, Maida [Mady, Mayda, Maddy, Magda, Maidie, Maidel, Maydey, Maydena], Mayda [Mayde], Morwenna [Morwyn, Morwena, Morwina, Morwinna, Morwynna], Ophelia [Ovalia, Uvelia, Ovelia, Phelia, Ubelia, Ophelie, Ophilia, Ophelya, ..], Parthenia [Pathina, Pathinia, Parthena, Parthinia, Parthenie, Partheenia], Rebecca [Riva, Rivy, Rivi, Rivah, Rivka, Rivkah, Rivalee, Rivekka, ..], Rima, Sabrina [Sabrene, Sabrena, Zabrina, Sabryna, Sebrina, Sabreena, Sebreena, Sabrinna, ..], Ursula [Ursy, Ursola, Ursule, Urszula, Urszuli, Ursuline, Ursulina, Ursulette, ..], Virginia [Virgy, Virge, Virgie, Virgina, Virgine, Virginie, Virgenya, Virginnia, ..]