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Madeline - Marlin

Variant of Madeleine, which is the .. [Maude, Marlene, Marlen, Marleen, Magdolna, Magdalen, Magdala, Mady, Madlyn, Madlin, .. 53 more]

"Star of the sea." .. of Marlon or variant of Marlene. [Marlynn, Marlenne, .. 2 more]

.. Marlene Dietrich made the name familiar .. [Marna, Marlina, Marlen, Marleen, Marlayne, Marlane, .. 18 more]

Blend of Mary and Lynn. [Marrlin, Marrlen, Marlen, .. 3 more]

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1. Madeline - Marlin
Madeline [Maud, Maude, Marlen, Marlyne, Marline, Marlene, Marlena, Marleen, ..], Marlen [Marlin, Marlyn, Marlynn, Marlenne], Marlene [Marna, Marlyn, Marlin, Marlie, Marley, Marline, Marlina, Marlynne, ..], Marlin [Marlyn, Marlen, Marrlin, Marlinn, Marrlen, Marlenn]