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Marina - Marni

From "marine" .. [Maryn, Marnie, Marna, Marine, Mareen, .. 12 more]

The Sea of Marmara, in Turkey .. [Marnya, Marnja, Marnie, Marney, .. 3 more]

Nickname of Marina. [Marnya, Marnie, Marnell, Marne, .. 6 more]

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1. Marina - Marni
Marina [Marne, Maryn, Marni, Marna, Marnie, Marinna, Marnette, Marnetta, ..], Marmara [Marni, Marne, Marney, Marnia, Marnja, Marnie, Marnya], Marni [Marnie, Marney, Marnya, Marnee, Marnja, Marnell, Marnina, Marnisha, ..]


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