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Lissa - Missy

.. of names like Melissa (Greek) "bee" .. [Lyssa, Lissette]

.. French form of Melissa (Greek) bee; .. [Melyssandre, Melysande, Melissandre, Melissande, Melisandra, Malissande, Malisande, Lisandra, .. 4 more]

Blend of Melissa and cia from .. [Mellisha, .. 6 more]

"Bee; honey." .. Singer Melissa Manchester; actress Melissa Gilbert .. [Molissa, Millissent, Millisent, Mellie, Melisse, Melise, Melisa, Melesa, Mel, Malissa, .. 21 more]

Variant of Melissa.

Short form of Melissa or Millicent .. [Missie]

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1. Lissa - Missy
Lissa [Lyssa, Lissette], Melisande [Melysande, Melesande, Mellisande, Melissande, Melisandre, Melisandra, Melyssandre, Melissandre, ..], Melisha [Melitia, Melicia, Malitia, Malisha, Malicia, Mellisha, Mellicia], Melissa [Missy, Milly, Missie, Millie, Molissa, Millisent, Millicent, Millissent, ..], Mischa, Missy [Missie]