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Mina - Wilhelmina

.. Min and Meena are Irish Gaelic .. [Minnie, Minna, Min, .. 3 more]

Variant of Wilhelmina .. [Minny, Minetta, Min, .. 4 more]

The second element of the source .. [Wylma, Wilmette, Wilma, Willmine, Willmina, Williamina, Willetta, Willemina, Willamine, Willamina, Min, .. 43 more]

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1. Mina - Wilhelmina
Mina [Min, Mena, Minna, Minnie, Minette, Minnette], Minna [Min, Mina, Minny, Minne, Minnie, Minette, Minetta], Wilhelmina [Wylma, Wilna, Wilma, Willy, Wilmina, Wilmette, Willmine, Willybella, ..]