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Almera - Myra

Feminine of Elmer .. [Myrah, Mirah, Mira, Elmyra, Elmeria, Elmeera, Ellmeria, Almyra, Almeria, Almeera, .. 15 more]

Feminine of Amir. [Mirah, Mira, Meerah, Meera, Amyra, Amerah, Amera, Ameera, .. 5 more]

From amirah .. [Myrah, Mira, Meera, Ellmeria, Almira, Allmeera, .. 14 more]

See also Mira. [Meira]

.. pet name for Mira, Maria, and .. [Mim, Meemee]

"Wonderful; peace; prosperous." In Spanish, "mira" means , "Look!" The .. [Myrilla, Myrene, Myra, Mirilla, Mirielle, Miri, Mireya, Mirelle, Mirella, Mirana, .. 5 more]

Used as a man's name in .. [Mirabelle, Mira, Meribelle, Meribel, .. 2 more]

In Shakespeare's "The Tempest", Miranda is .. [Randy, Randi, Randa, Myrella, Mirranda, Mirella, Mirelle, Mirandah, Mira, Maranda, .. 8 more]

Feminine of Myron .. [Myriah, Mira, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Mira names [and variants] for girls.

1. Almera - Myra
Almera [Myra, Mira, Mera, Myrah, Mirah, Meera, Elmyra, Elmyrah, ..], Amira [Mira, Mera, Mirah, Merah, Meera, Amyra, Meerah, Amyrah, ..], Elmira [Myra, Mira, Mera, Myrah, Mirah, Meera, Elmyrah, Elmerya, ..], Meera [Meira], Mimi [Mim, Meemee], Mira [Myra, Mirra, Mirka, Myrene, Myrilla, Myrella, Mirilla, Mirielle, ..], Mirabel [Mira, Meribel, Mirabell, Mirabelle, Mirabella, Meribelle], Miranda [Randy, Randi, Randa, Randie, Myrilla, Myrella, Myranda, Myrrilla, ..], Myra [Mira, Myrah, Myree, Maira, Myriah]