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Marilla - Muriel

.. Variant of Muriel. Marilis is a .. [Marilis, .. 1 more]

Saint Jerome associated the Virgin's name .. [Polly, Muriel, Moya, Molly, Miriam, Minnie, Meriel, Maymie, Mayme, May, .. 93 more]

.. the English Channel and became Muriel .. [Meryl, Merial, .. 4 more]

.. a variant of Muriel and Meriel .. [Myrline, Myrlene, Murle, Merlina, Merla, Merl, .. 6 more]

Variant of Muriel via Meriel. Also .. [Myrla, Mirla, Meryll, Merrell, Merrall, Merlyn, Merla, Maryl, .. 6 more]

"Sparkling, shining sea." .. Novelist Muriel Spark. [Murielle, Muriella, Murial, Merrill, Meriel, .. 2 more]

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1. Marilla - Muriel
Marilla [Marilis, Marella], Mary [Moya, Poll, Polly, Muire, Morag, Muriel, Murial, Murielle, ..], Meriel [Meryl, Merle, Meriol, Merial, Merrill, Merielle], Merle [Myrle, Murle, Meryl, Merola, Myrline, Myrlene, Myrleen, Merline, ..], Meryl [Myrla, Mirla, Meryll, Meryle, Merryl, Merril, Merrill, Merrell, ..], Muriel [Murial, Meriel, Merial, Merrill, Murielle, Muriella, Miureall]