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Mysterious names and what they mean, for mysterious for women.

Fay - Pandora

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Fay 1 .. Popular as last names, and Fayanna, var. are similar to common Fa- surnames Fasy (top 68%), Faz (11%). .. sister, is a mysterious sorceress also .. [Fae, Fayanna, Feike, .. 5 more]

Pandora 2 .. .. charge of a mysterious box and .. Rare. Pandora, Panndora, like Theadora, Eudora, end with the common feminine -dora. [Dora, Pandorah, Panndora, .. 3 more]

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Fay - Pandora
Fay [Fay, Fae, Fey, Fee, Fei, Faye, Feike, Fayanna], Pandora [Dora, Doura, Pandorah, Panndora, Pandorra, Pandoura]