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Beryl - Kiri

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of New names: Beryl, Bethany, Dagny, Elisabeth, Elmira

Beryl 1 .. .. the wall of New Jerusalem was .. Baryl, Berylley and Betryl are kreatif forms. [Beril, Beryn, .. 5 more]

Bethany 2 .. .. From the New Testament description of .. Popular, with the -ny ending for Bethany, Bethanny, Betheny like Bretteny. [Bethanee, Bethaney, Bethani, Bethann, Bethannie, Betheney, Betheny, .. 4 more]

Caledonia 3 .. .. Northern Scotland, while New Calenonia consists .. Unusual, with the feminine -nia ending like Celadonia.

Carondelet 4 Street name in New Orleans. The .. Not in Top 1000. [Carondalay, .. 1 more]

Cilicia 5 .. in both Old and New Testaments .. Unusual. Cilicia, Salicia (cf. Clemencia) has the feminine-sounding -cia suffix. [Cilicea, .. 1 more]

Cimarron 6 .. Great Plains from New Mexico to .. Not Top 1000 names. [Cimeron, Simarron, .. 1 more]

Corinthia 7 .. .. form part of the New Testament. Outside Top 1000. [Korinthia]

Dabney 8 .. .. immigrant to the New World named .. Unique, with the -ney ending for Dabney like Delainey. [Dabnie, .. 1 more]

Dagny 9 .. Stems fr. Old Norse element. "New day." Not in Top 1000. Probably relates to Dagmar. [Dagna, .. 1 more]

Delancey 10 .. Delancey Street in New York City .. Outside Top 1000. [Delancie, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of New names: Evangeline, Gina, Harmony, Joy, Karma

Elisabeth 11 .. .. used in the New Testament, from .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Bep, Elisebeth, Elsbeth, Lis, .. 16 more]

Elmira 12 .. .. to discuss a new name for .. Unique. Elmira, Almira, Mira, like Elvira, ends with the feminine-sounding -ira. [Allmera, Almyra, Ellmera, Elmera, Mera, Mira, Myrah, .. 12 more]

Evangeline 13 .. Derived fr. Latin, Greek elements. "Good news." Prominent, with the -ne suffix for Evangeline like Edwine. .. "good" and angelma "news" and the .. [Engie, Evan, Evangela, Evangelyn, Eve, Evie, Ewangelina, Vangie, Vangy, .. 5 more]

Gina 14 .. a prefix to form new variants .. Unique, with the feminine-sounding -na suffix for Gina, Geana, etc. like Giorgina. [Geana, Geanndra, Geena, Gena, Jena, .. 13 more]

Harmony 15 .. A new age name. Mythology: Harmonia .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Harmonee, Harmonia, .. 3 more]

Hebe 16 .. .. of plant native to New Zealand .. Outside Top 1000. See also Febe.

Ilana 17 .. .. Jewish holiday The New Year of .. Uncommon, with the feminine-sounding -na suffix for Ilana, Iliana, etc. like Idina. [Elana, Eleana, Eleanna, Ilane, Ilianna, Illa, .. 7 more]

Joy 18 .. .. joy in their new born child .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Gioia, Jioia, Jioya, Joice, Joie, Joyanna, .. 9 more]

Karma 19 .. New age name. In Buddhism and .. Outside Top 1000. See also Karna.

Kiri 20 .. Maori opera diva from New Zealand. Not in popularity charts. See also Kari.

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Beryl - Kiri
Beryl [Berri, Beril, Beryn, Berry, Berrie, Beryle, Berylla], Bethany [Bethzy, Bethann, Betheny, Bethanie, Bethanne, Bethanny, Betheney, Bethannie, ..], Caledonia, Carondelet [Carondalay, Carondella], Cilicia [Cilicea, Salicia], Cimarron [Simeron, Cimeron, Simarron], Corinthia [Korinthia], Dabney [Dabny, Dabnie], Dagny [Dagna, Dagne], Delancey [Delancy, Delancie], Elisabeth [Lis, Lisa, Lise, Lisel, Liset, Liseth, Lisabel, Lisolette, ..], Elmira [Mera, Mira, Myra, Mirah, Meera, Myrah, Elmerya, Elmyrah, ..], Evangeline [Eve, Evie, Vangy, Vangie, Evangelyn, Ewangelina, Evangelista, Evangeliste, ..], Gina [Jena, Jenna, Ginna, Jeena, Gineen, Ginelle, Ginette, Ginamaria, ..], Harmony [Harmoni, Harmonee, Harmoney, Harmonie, Harmonia], Hebe, Ilana [Illa, Ilane, Ileana, Ilanit, Iliana, Ilania, Ileanna, Ilianna, ..], Joy [Joya, Joye, Joie, Joice, Joyann, Joyanna, Joyanne, Joyelle, ..], Karma, Kiri

Neoma - Zuni
Neoma [Nioma, Neomah], Nova [Novia, Novella], Nyree, Oneonta, Paradisa, Renee [Renny, Renie, Renne, Renita, Rennie, Rrenae, Renisha, Rhianaye, ..], Seneca [Seneka, Senecca, Senneca], Skyler [Skyla, Skylar, Schyler, Skyllar, Schuyler], Susanna [Susy, Suzi, Suzy, Susie, Suzie, Susann, Susana, Suzanna, ..], Tiffany [Tiffy, Tiphara, Tiffney, Tipheny, Tyffany, Tiphenie, Tyffenie, Tiphanie, ..], Vania [Vanya, Vanina], Visitacion, Xaviera [Xavia, Zaviera, Xavyera, Exaviera, Xavienna, Exavyera, Zaveeyera], Xenia [Xia, Zyna, Zena, Zina, Zenia, Zaina, Zeena, Xiomara, ..], Zuni