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Annora - Noreen

English variant and phonetic version of .. [Norah, Nora, Honora, Anora, .. 3 more]

.. by Nick and Nora Charles in .. [Stella, Hadassah, Estrella, Asteria, .. 7 more]

From an Old French respelling of .. [Norina, Nore, Nora, Nelly, Nellie, Nelle, Nelda, Lena, Helenora, Helene, .. 68 more]

Linked to Greek hÍlios "sun" .. [Yelena, Nora, Nelly, Nell, Nelda, Lina, Leonore, Leonora, Lena, Lean, .. 76 more]

A virtue name .. [Onora, Norina, Nora, Honour, Honorata, Honora, Annora, .. 8 more]

"Light; woman of honor." .. In Scotland, Nora is often used .. [Norry, Lanora, .. 6 more]

Variant of Nora that originated in .. [Norinne, Norene, Noreena, .. 1 more]

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1. Annora - Noreen
Annora [Nora, Norah, Onora, Honor, Anora, Honora, Anorah], Asta [Astra, Stella, Hester, Etoile, Esther, Estella, Hadassah, Estrella, ..], Eleanor [Nore, Nora, Norah, Nelly, Nelli, Norina, Nonnie, Nellie, ..], Helen [Nora, Nell, Nelly, Yelena, Nonnie, Nellie, Nelliana, Nellette, ..], Honor [Nora, Onora, Norry, Norah, Norine, Norina, Honour, Honorine, ..], Nora [Norry, Norah, Noora, Nonie, Lanora, Norissa, Norelle, Norella], Noreen [Norene, Norine, Norinne, Noreena]