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Angela - Sarah

.. The older feminine form Angelis has .. [Tangela, Anngilla, Anngil, Anjelica, Anjela, Aniela, Angyola, Anglea, Angila, Angil, .. 37 more]

.. influenced by the older and rarer .. [Sharlene, Shalene, Charlita, Charlyn, Charlina, Charlien, Charlie, Charleen, Charlayne, .. 12 more]

.. variant of the older form Charmian .. [Sharmyn, Sharman, Charmain, Charma, Chari, .. 22 more]

From the older Welsh name Luned .. [Lynnette, Lynette, Lunet, Linette, .. 7 more]

.. who had a much older admirer ..

From Miryam, an older version of .. [Myriam, Miyanna, Mitzie, Mirriam, Mirjam, Mimi, Meryam, Mariam, .. 10 more]

.. beautiful even into her older years .. [Zarita, Zaria, Sydel, Shari, Shara, Serach, Sarrah, Sarra, Sarotte, Sarotta, .. 56 more]

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1. Angela - Sarah
Angela [Gelya, Anngil, Tangela, Annjela, Anngela, Anngiola, Anngilla, Annijilla, ..], Charlene [Shalene, Charlyn, Sharlene, Charlita, Charlisa, Charline, Charlynn, Charlyne, ..], Charmaine [Sharmyn, Sharman, Sharmion, Sharmian, Sharmane, Sharmain, Sharmayne, Sharmaine, ..], Eluned [Lunet, Luned, Linet, Lynette, Lunette, Linette, Lanette, Lynnette, ..], Lolita, Miriam [Mitzi, Myriam, Miyana, Mitzie, Miryam, Miyanna, Mirriam, Mirjana, ..], Sarah [Zara, Zaria, Zarah, Zahra, Sydel, Zarita, Sorcha, Sydelle, ..]