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Painted baby names and what they mean, with 3 results.

Jezebel - Vanessa

.. term for a "painted lady" or .. [Jezybell, Jezabella, Jezabel, .. 5 more]

.. Lisa, a portrait painted by Leonardo .. [Moyna, .. 5 more]

.. Red Admiral and the Painted Lady .. [Vonnessa, Vonesse, Vinisha, Vinessa, Venishia, Veniesa, Venessea, Venesa, Vanya, Vannie, .. 40 more]

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1. Jezebel - Vanessa
Jezebel [Jezabel, Jezibel, Jetzabel, Jezybell, Jessabell, Jezebelle, Jezibelle, Jezabella], Mona [Monah, Moina, Moyna, Monna, Monalisa, Monalissa], Vanessa [Vinesha, Vennisa, Vinessa, Vinisha, Vonesse, Vonessa, Vennessa, Vonnessa, ..]