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Griselda - Patience

.. about an exceptionally patient wife, Patient .. [Zelde, Grizelda, Grishilde, Griselle, Grisella, Gricelda, Chriselda, .. 11 more]

Stems fr. Arabic language. "Gentle, patient." Feminine of Halim. [Helima, Halimah, Haleema, .. 2 more]

.. name for the patient wife in .. [Herminia, Hermina, .. 4 more]

Virtue name used since the 16th .. [Pazienza, Patienzia, Patient, .. 1 more]

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Summary Index of Patient names [and variants] for girls.

1. Griselda - Patience
Griselda [Zelde, Selda, Zelda, Grizel, Grissel, Gryzelde, Gryselde, Grizelda, ..], Halima [Helima, Haleema, Haleima, Halimah, Haleemah], Hermione [Erma, Herma, Hermia, Hermina, Hermine, Herminia], Patience [Patient, Pazienza, Paciencia, Patienzia]