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Ariana - Mary

.. Political commentator Arianna Stassinopolous. [Aryonna, Arriana, Arionna, Ariane, .. 5 more]

.. a national and political hero, as .. [Joni, Joannue, Joanie, .. 3 more]

.. writer Mary Shelley; political strategist Mary .. [Polly, Muire, Moya, Moire, Minnie, Meriel, Mayria, Mayra, Maymie, Maureen, .. 93 more]

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1. Ariana - Mary
Ariana [Aryana, Aryonna, Aryanna, Arriana, Arionna, Arieana, Arianne, Arianna], Joan [Joni, Jone, Jonee, Joane, Joanie, Joannue], Mary [Moya, Poll, Polly, Muire, Morag, Muriel, Murial, Murielle, ..]