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Revival baby names and what they mean, with 8 results.

Aislinn - Marjorie

.. of the Irish revival in the .. [Isleen, Ashling, Aislyn, .. 5 more]

.. As a recent revival, it is .. [Tiana, Krystyiana, Krystianne, Kristiann, Khrystianne, Khristanna, Cristiana, Christyann, Christianni, Christianna, .. 10 more]

.. promoted 19th century revival of the .. [Layney, Helaine, Ellie, Elle, Elanna, Elane, Elan, Elainna, Alayne, Alaina, .. 16 more]

19th century revival of the female .. [Fryda, Freeda, Freddi, Elvah, Elva, Elfryda, Elfrieda, Elfredah, Elfreda, Elfie, .. 15 more]

.. also be a revival of an .. [Gislaine, .. 1 more]

.. now due to revival of interest .. [Maguy, Maggy, .. 4 more]

.. late 19th century revival, mainly as .. [Marjy, Marjory, Marjorie, Marjie, Marje, Margi, Margeree, .. 10 more]

.. until a late 19th century revival .. [Marjy, Marjie, Marjery, Marjerie, Marje, Margy, Margie, Margi, Margery, Margeree, .. 9 more]

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Summary Index of Revival names [and variants] for girls.

1. Aislinn - Marjorie
Aislinn [Isleen, Aislyn, Aislin, Ashlynn, Ashling, Aislynn, Aisling, Aishling], Christiana [Tiana, Tiahna, Krystiana, Krystyiana, Krystianne, Kristianne, Kristianna, Kristiannhe, ..], Elaine [Laine, Ellie, Layney, Lainey, Ellane, Helaine, Ellayne, Ellaine, ..], Elfrida [Fryda, Frida, Friede, Frieda, Freeda, Freddy, Freddi, Friedah, ..], Ghislaine [Gillan, Gislaine], Maggie [Maguy, Magli, Maggy, Maggi, Maggey, Magali], Margery [Marjy, Marjie, Marjory, Marjori, Marjery, Marjorie, Marjorey, Marjerie, ..], Marjorie [Marjy, Marji, Marje, Marjie, Marjory, Marjery, Marjorey, Marjerie, ..]