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Althea - Rickie

.. century by poet Richard Lovelace, as .. [Thea, Elthea, Eltha, Altheda, Althaea, Altha, .. 4 more]

.. title of a Richard Strauss play. [Aryanne, Aryana, Ariette, Arianne, Ariana, Ariadna, Aria, .. 7 more]

.. of English King Richard the Lion ..

.. cycle of operas by Richard Wagner .. [Nilda, Brynnhilde, Brynnhild, Brunilda, Brunnhilde, Brinhild, .. 15 more]

The composer Richard Wagner married Cosima .. [Kosma, .. 2 more]

.. Actress Denise Richards. [Dinny, Denys, Denyce, Denni, Denissa, Denisa, Deniece, Dennette, Deneigh, .. 13 more]

.. of two more Richard the Lionhearted .. [Norina, Leora, Lenore, Lenora, Lena, Helenora, Heleanor, Elna, Ellyn, Ellinor, .. 68 more]

.. Comedian/actor Richard Pryor's daughter, Rain .. [Rain]

.. Tennis celebrity Renee Richards; actresses Renee .. [Rrenae, Rennie, Renne, Renisha, Renelle, Renaye, Renae, Ranay, Ranae, .. 10 more]

Feminine of Richard. [Richmalle, Richmal, Richenda, Richella, Richardyne, Richardella, .. 15 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Richard names: Althea, Ariadne, Denise, Eleanor, Renee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Richard names: Richelle, Rickie

Feminine blend of Richard and Rachelle .. [Rikkie, .. 4 more]

.. possibly a feminine form of Richard .. [Ryckie, Riki, Rika, .. 5 more]

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Summary Index of Richard names [and variants] for girls.

1. Althea - Rickie
Althea [Thea, Eltha, Althia, Elthea, Althaea, Althaia, Altheda, Althelia], Ariadne [Aryana, Aryane, Arianne, Arianna, Ariette, Aryanna, Aryanne, Aryanie, ..], Berengaria, Brunhilda [Hilde, Hilda, Nilda, Hildi, Hildy, Hildie, Brynnhilda, Brynnhilde, ..], Cosima [Cosma, Cosme, Kosma], Denise [Denny, Dinny, Denys, Denyse, Dinnie, Denyce, Denisse, Dennise, ..], Eleanor [Nore, Nora, Nelly, Norah, Nelli, Nellie, Nonnie, Norina, ..], Rainbow [Rain], Renee [Renny, Renie, Renne, Renita, Rennie, Rrenae, Renisha, Rhianaye, ..], Ricarda [Richia, Richina, Richmal, Richette, Richenda, Richenza, Richilene, Richmalle, ..], Richelle [Ricca, Ricci, Ricki, Rikki, Rikkie], Rickie [Rika, Riki, Ricki, Ricky, Rikky, Rikki, Ryckie, Ricquie]