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Sacrifice baby names and what they mean, with 4 results.

Andromeda - Moriah

.. rock as a sacrifice to a ..

Derivative of Old English word. "Entire, total, sacrifice." .. of Teutonic names containing gilde "sacrifice" ..

Stems fr. Greek element. "Sacrifice." Greek mythology .. [Genia, Iphigeneia, .. 5 more]

.. there by God to sacrifice Isaac .. [Moraiah, Moraia]

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Summary Index of Sacrifice names [and variants] for girls.

1. Andromeda - Moriah
Andromeda, Gilda, Iphigenia [Genia, Ifigenia, Efigenia, Iphigenie, Ephigenie, Ephigenia, Iphigeneia], Moriah [Moraia, Moraiah]