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Salimah - Tally

.. Her original name was Sally. [Selima, Salima]

"Princess." .. Talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael .. [Sallyann, Saletta, .. 8 more]

Biblical .. [Zarita, Zara, Sydel, Shari, Shara, Sera, Sarrey, Sarrah, Sarotte, Sarolta, Sally, .. 55 more]

.. dew or a respelling of Sally. [Tallie, Tallee, .. 1 more]

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1. Salimah - Tally
Salimah [Selima, Salima], Sally [Sallie, Salley, Sallee, Saletta, Sallyann, Sallette, Salletta, Sallianne, ..], Sarah [Zara, Zaria, Zarah, Zahra, Sydel, Zarita, Sorcha, Sydelle, ..], Tally [Tallie, Talley, Tallee]