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Salama - Selma

.. Actress Salma Hayek. [Soloma, Salma, .. 2 more]

Possibly from the same root as .. [Solomea, Solome, Selmah, Saloma, Salmah, Salma, Sahlma, .. 6 more]

Variant of Salma. Actress Selma Blair. [Zelmah, Salma, .. 4 more]

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1. Salama - Selma
Salama [Salma, Soloma, Saloma, Sallama], Salome [Selma, Solome, Selmah, Selima, Salomi, Solomea, Salomey, Salomea, ..], Selma [Zelma, Salma, Zelmah, Selmah, Sellma, Anselma]