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Sanna - Susannah

"Lily." Short form of Susanna .. [Zanna, .. 1 more]

Short form of Susanna and Susannah .. [Zsazsa, Zanna, Suzette, Suzetta, Suzannah, Suzana, Susie, Suse, Susanne, Susann, Sanna, .. 56 more]

New Testament form in the Book .. [Suzy, Suzanna, Susana, Sanna, .. 7 more]

The original form of the name .. [Zuzanna, Zuzana, Suzzanna, Suzy, Suzi, Suze, Suzanne, Suzana, Susy, Susanna, Sanna, .. 19 more]

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1. Sanna - Susannah
Sanna [Sana, Zanna], Susan [Suzy, Zanne, Zanna, Suzon, Zsazsa, Zsuzsa, Zannie, Suzzanne, ..], Susanna [Suzy, Suzi, Susy, Suzie, Susie, Susann, Susana, Suzanna, ..], Susannah [Suzy, Zana, Zanna, Suzie, Zuzana, Zannie, Zuzanna, Suzzanna, ..]