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Sharon baby names and what they mean, with 5 results.

Daron - Sherry

.. name that is similar to Sharon.

Combination of the Sha prefix with .. [Shawna, Sharon, Sharise, Sharaye, Sharay, Shaquina, Shanita, Shanika, Shanel, Shalita, .. 47 more]

"A fertile plain." .. woman as a flower of Sharon .. [Sherynn, Sherri, Sharonda, Sharolyn, Sharie, Sharene, Charin, .. 21 more]

.. a variant of Sharon, Sherry, or .. [Shyra, Sherah, .. 5 more]

.. short form of Sharon (Hebrew) a .. [Sh'rae, Sherrey, Sherree, Sherina, Sherice, Shereen, Sharee, .. 20 more]

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Summary Index of Sharon names [and variants] for girls.

1. Daron - Sherry
Daron, Sha- [Shawna, Sharon, Sharise, Sharita, Sharina, Sharaye, Sharaya, Sharayah, ..], Sharon [Sheryn, Sherry, Sherri, Sheron, Sheran, Sharyn, Sherynn, Sherron, ..], Shera [Shyra, Sheray, Sherah, Sherae, Sheraa, Sheera, Sheralle], Sherry [Sh'rae, Sherye, Sherri, Sherryn, Sherrie, Sherrey, Sherree, Sherita, ..]