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Cecilia - Sheiletta

The name came from the Welsh .. [Sissy, Sissie, Sisile, Siseel, Siselya, Sileas, Sheila, Sessily, Sessaley, Seelia, .. 79 more]

A variant of Sheila (Irish, Gaelic) .. [Shealynn, Shailyn, .. 10 more]

"Blind." .. In Australian slang, "Sheila" is a .. [Shyla, Shilea, Shilah, Shila, Shiela, Sheyla, Shella, Shelia, Shela, Sheileen, .. 16 more]

Nickname of Sheila.

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1. Cecilia - Sheiletta
Cecilia [Sissy, Sissie, Sisile, Siseel, Sisely, Sissela, Siselya, Sisiliya, ..], Shayla [Shaylah, Shaylyn, Shailyn, Shealynn, Shaylynn, Shaylene, Shayleen, Shaylynne, ..], Sheila [Shyla, Shila, Shilla, Shilea, Shilah, Shiela, Sheyla, Shella, ..], Sheiletta