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Arabella - Nina

.. A ship named the Arbella brought .. [Ara, Arabela, Arabelle, Orabella, .. 13 more]

.. part of Jason's ship the Argo. [Careena, Carenna, Carin, Carinna, Kareena, Karena, Karina, Rina, .. 8 more]

.. face that launched a thousand ships .. [Aileen, Alena, Alene, Eilidh, Elaine, Elana, Elena, Eleni, Elenore, Ella, .. 76 more]

Source fr. Old English element. "Victorious ship." Also possibly a place name referring .. [Kelcey, Kelcie, Kellsey, Kelsa, Kelsea, Kelsy, .. 7 more]

.. one of Christopher Columbus's three ships .. [Neena, Neneh, Nenna, Ninete, Ninnette, Nyna, .. 12 more]

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1. Arabella - Nina
Arabella [Bella, Belle, Orbel, Orabel, Orbella, Orbelle, Orabelle, Orabella, ..], Carina [Rina, Karena, Carita, Karina, Karita, Karine, Carrina, Kareena, ..], Helen [Nora, Nell, Nelly, Yelena, Nellie, Nonnie, Nelliana, Nellette, ..], Kelsey [Kelsa, Kelsi, Kelsy, Kelsie, Kelsea, Kelsee, Kellsie, Kelseigh, ..], Nina [Nyna, Ninon, Ninoska, Ninetta, Ninette, Ninochka, Ninnette, Ninotchka, ..]