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Shirley baby names and what they mean, with 3 results.

Shelley - Shirley

.. names like Michelle, Rochelle, and Shirley .. [Shelly, Shellee, Schelley, .. 2 more]

.. considered as variant forms of Shirley .. [Sheryll, Sherryl, Sherrill, Sherril, Sherrelle, Sherilyn, Sheralyn, Sharell, Cherilynn, Cheralyn, .. 14 more]

"Bright meadow." .. and American ambassador Shirley Temple Black .. [Shurlee, Shirlyn, Shirlinda, Shirlene, Shirlea, Shirelle, Sherlie, Sherlee, .. 12 more]

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Summary Index of Shirley names [and variants] for girls.

1. Shelley - Shirley
Shelley [Shelly, Shelli, Shellie, Shellee, Schelley], Sheryl [Sheryll, Sherryl, Sherril, Sherrill, Sherrell, Sherlene, Sherrelle, Sherylayne, ..], Shirley [Shirly, Shurlee, Shirlyn, Shirlley, Shirline, Shirlene, Shirlinda, Shirleigh, ..]