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Silvestra - Sylvia

Variant of Silvia; feminine form of ..

"Woods, forest." Shakespeare used Silvia for a heroine's .. [Sylvie, Silvanna, .. 11 more]

The Latin form Silvia was more .. [Zylvia, Zilvia, Sylvonna, Sylvine, Sylvette, Sylvanna, Sylvana, Sylva, Silvie, Silviana, Silvia, .. 12 more]

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1. Silvestra - Sylvia
Silvestra, Silvia [Silvy, Sylvie, Sylvia, Silvya, Silvie, Sirvana, Silvija, Sirvanna, ..], Sylvia [Zylvia, Zilvia, Sylwia, Sylvie, Sylvine, Sylvina, Sylvonna, Sylvianne, ..]