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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sister names: Anna, Bethany, Eris, Fay, Hope

Adelpha 1 .. Root fr. Greek. "Beloved sister." Not in Top 1000. [Adelfa]

Agrippina 2 .. Sister of the corrupt Roman emperor .. Agrippila, Agrippinaai and Aiagrippina are kreatif forms. [Agripina]

Alala 3 .. the sister of Ares, the god .. Not in popularity charts. See also Alaya.

Anna 4 .. .. borne by the sister of Dido .. Listed in Top 1000. [Ana, Ann, Annabeth, Annalee, Annemarie, Annet, Hania, .. 12 more]

Bethany 5 .. .. Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha .. Listed in Top 1000. [Bethanee, Bethanie, Betheny, .. 8 more]

Bronte 6 .. .. surname of the sisters Charlotte, Emily .. Uncommon. Bronte (cf. Bernadotte) uses the common -te suffix. See also Brande.

Careen 7 .. Carreen, the younger sister of Scarlet .. Outside Top 1000. [Carreen, .. 1 more]

Decca 8 .. for the journalist sister Jessica, and .. Not in Top 1000. [Decka, .. 1 more]

Eithne 9 .. .. converts, together with her sister Fidelma. Popular, and Eithne, Eitna are comparable to common last name Eiten (top 90%), which also begins with Eit-. [Aine, Ethna, Ethnah, Ethnea, Ethni, Etna, .. 6 more]

Elodie 10 .. .. martyr along with her sister Nunilo. Not in popularity charts. [Elodea, Helodea, Helodie, .. 3 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sister names: Irene, Isis, Jerica, Latoya, Lucretia

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sister names: Martha, Miriam

Eris 11 .. .. and destruction, and sister of Ares .. Somewhat common as girls' names, Eris, Aeress, etc. are similar to the familiar Kris. [Aeress, Erys, .. 2 more]

Fay 12 .. Somewhat widely used as children's names, Fae, Fay, etc. are comparable to the conventional Rae. .. Fay, his half sister, is a .. [Fae, Feike, .. 6 more]

Hope 13 .. .. was favored for sisters by Puritans .. Hope became more trendy in 2014, gaining +1 ranking as a baby name to reach #231. See also Hebe.

Irene 14 .. .. of the three sisters martyred for .. Usage of Irene and variants as birth names in 2014 was 6.5% less than the year before. [Aireen, Eirena, Eirene, Erena, Erene, Ireen, Iren, Irenee, Irenka, Rena, .. 18 more]

Isis 15 .. .. sister to Osiris and mother of .. Usage of Isis as a baby name in 2014 was down 30.8% compared to the previous year. See also Iris.

Jerica 16 .. .. of the hero's sister in the .. Somewhat widely used as children's names, Jerica, Jerika, etc. are similar to the familiar Jesica. [Jerika, .. 2 more]

Latoya 17 .. .. by Latoya Jackson, sister of singer .. Less used today. Latoya was the version last recorded (1994) in the Top 1000. [Latoia, Latorya, Latoyla, .. 3 more]

Lucretia 18 .. .. through Lucrezia Borgia, sister to Cesare .. Rare, with the -ia ending for Lucretia, Lucrecia, etc. like Louvenia. [Crecia, Lacrecia, Lacresha, Lacreshia, Lacretia, Lakreesha, Lakrisha, Lecrecia, Loucresha, Lucreecia, .. 15 more]

Martha 19 .. The sister of Mary and Lazarus .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Maarva, Marhta, Martella, Martelle, Marth, Marti, Martie, Martynne, Marva, Mata, .. 23 more]

Miriam 20 .. .. the sister of Moses, who saved .. Listed in Top 1000. [Mairim, Mariam, Meriam, Mirian, Mirriam, Mitzie, .. 13 more]

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Summary of Sister names (and variants) for girls.

Adelpha - Miriam
Adelpha [Adelfa], Agrippina [Agripina], Alala, Anna [Nani, Annet, Hania, Annica, Annika, Anoesj, Anouska, Annmarie, ..], Bethany [Bethzy, Bethann, Betheny, Bethanie, Bethanne, Bethanny, Betheney, Bethannie, ..], Bronte, Careen [Karine, Carreen], Decca [Deka, Decka], Eithne [Enya, Etna, Ethna, Ethni, Ethnah, Ethnee, Ethnea, Ethenia, ..], Elodie [Elody, Elodia, Elodea, Helodea, Helodia, Helodie], Eris [Erys, Eryss, Eriss, Aeress], Fay [Fay, Fae, Fey, Fee, Fei, Faye, Feike, Fayanna], Hope, Irene [Rena, Rene, Rina, Iryna, Orina, Oryna, Renie, Yarina, ..], Isis, Jerica [Jerika, Jerrica, Jerrika], Latoya [Letoya, Latoia, Latoria, Latoyah, Latoyla, Latorya], Lucretia [Tia, Lucrece, Lucresha, Lucrezia, Lucrecia, Lucreisha, Lucreesha, Lucreecia, ..], Martha [Pat, Mata, Matti, Marva, Matha, Mattie, Mirtha, Pattie, ..], Miriam [Mitzi, Miryam, Myriam, Mitzie, Miyana, Mirjana, Miyanna, Mirriam, ..]

Morgan - Usha
Morgan [Morgin, Morgen, Morgann, Morgane, Morgance, Morganne, Morgayne, Morganica, ..], Parthenope, Philomela [Philomella], Pleiade, Selena [Sena, Seline, Selina, Selyna, Selyne, Sylena, Syleena, Selinda, ..], Sissy [Cissi, Cissy, Cissey, Cissee, Sissey, Cissie, Sissie, Sissee], Soraya [Subaru, Soreeyah], Suellen [Suelyn], Tamara [Tamra, Tamrah, Tamora, Tamryn, Thamar, Thamera, Thamara, Thamarra, ..], Teresa [Tess, Tessa, Tesia, Tessy, Tresa, Teskia, Tessie, Tressa, ..], Tigris, Tirzah [Tirza, Thurza, Thursa, Tiersa, Tierza, Tyrzah, Tirzha, Thirzah, ..], Unity [Unita, Unite, Unitey], Usha