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Son baby names and what they mean, for son.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Son names: Addie, Addison, Alison, Bama, Hannah

Addie 1 .. Based on Old German, Old English words. "son of Adam." Popular as last names, and Addie (upper 21%), Addy (8%) are comparable to common last name Addi (upper 76%), which also begins with Add-. Short form of Adelaide, Adeline, or .. [Addy]

Addison 2 .. From Old English word. "Son of Adam." Ranked in Top 1000. Surname used as a given name. [Addeson, Addisyn, .. 4 more]

Agrippa 3 .. .. Roman emperor, the son of Herod .. Agrippina and variants are uncommon as baby names. [Agrafina, .. 2 more]

Alison 4 .. .. as a surname, meaning "Alice's son" .. The more fashionable forms are Allison, Allie, Alison (+8), Allyson and Alyson undergoing rebound. [Aili, Alisun, Allcen, Allie, Allysann, Alyson, .. 23 more]

Ansonia 5 Possibly means son of Ann or Ansoniaau, Auansonia and Ausonia are kreatif variations. [Annesonia, .. 3 more]

Arlette 6 .. their son was William the Conqueror. Arlette, Arleth and Arletta are widely used as variations. [Arlet, Arleth, Arletta, .. 1 more]

Bama 7 .. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Son of prophecy." Somewhat atypical as a baby name. See also Kama. Use may refer to the state ..

Benjamina 8 .. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Son of the right hand." Outside Top 1000. Feminine of Benjamin. [Benyameena, .. 1 more]

Hannah 9 .. .. has graced me with a son .. Listed in Top 1000. [Ann, Annie, Chanah, Channach, Hanah, Hanalise, Hannele, Hanny, Nanney, Nannie, .. 14 more]

Jamison 10 .. Origin fr. Scottish word. "Son of James." Also used for boys. Outside Top 1000. Surname sometimes used as a girl's ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Son names: Kendra, Leah, Mackenzie, Madison, Mara

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Son names: Monica, Naomi

Kendra 11 .. .. Mac Eanraig meaning "son of Henry" .. Prominent. Lakendra, var. (cf. Keearra) has the feminine -ra suffix. [Kandra, Kendri, Kenia, Kenna, Kenndrea, Kindra, Kyndra, Lakendra, .. 12 more]

Keturah 12 .. .. six of his sons, who became .. Rare, with the unconventional androgynous-sounding -rah suffix for Keturah like Kefirah. [Katura, Ketura]

Larsen 13 .. Source fr. Scandinavian. "Son of Lars." Larsen (top 1%), Larson (1%), Larssen (67%) and Larsson (14%) appear frequently as last names. Lars is the Scandinavian form of .. [Larson, Larssen, .. 1 more]

Leah 14 .. .. and six of Jacob's twelve sons .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Lea, Lia, .. 3 more]

Mackenna 15 .. Also possibly son of the handsome .. Unusual. Mackenna, Mckenna, like Marianna, ends with -nna. [Mackendra, .. 1 more]

Mackenzie 16 .. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "son of the wise ruler." Mackenzie (upper 2%) and Mckenzie (1%) exist commonly as last names. The name's development was also influenced .. [Mackenzey, .. 3 more]

Madison 17 .. Based on Old English word. "Son of the mighty warrior." Usage of Madison and variants escalated in 2000 and is lower today, with Madyson and Madisen becoming less in vogue. Also possibly variant of Madeline (Hebrew) .. [Maddison, Madisyn, Madyson, .. 2 more]

Mara 18 .. .. husband Elimelech and sons Mahlon and .. Mara (+50) is a trendy form. [Mahra, Marah, Mari, Marra, .. 3 more]

Monica 19 .. .. prayed for her son and saved .. Monca, Monicka, Monike, Moniqua and Monnica are more uncommon as variant forms of Monica. [Lamonica, Mona, Monicka, Moniqua, Monnie, .. 5 more]

Naomi 20 .. .. who after her sons Mahlon whom .. Naomi and Noemi were Top birth names in 2014. [Naoma, Noemi, .. 8 more]

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Summary of Son names (and variants) for girls.

Addie - Naomi
Addie [Addy], Addison [Adyson, Adison, Addeson, Addisyn, Addyson, Adisson], Agrippa [Agrafina, Agrippina, Agrippine], Alison [Alysan, Alyson, Allyson, Alysann, Alysoun, Alysanne, Allysoun, Allysanne, ..], Ansonia [Ansonya, Annsonia, Annsonya, Annesonia], Arlette [Arlet, Arleta, Arleth, Arletta], Bama, Benjamina [Benyamina, Benyameena], Hannah [Nan, Hanny, Nanny, Honna, Hannie, Nanney, Nannie, Hannelore, ..], Jamison, Kendra [Kinna, Kennah, Kindra, Kyndra, Kyndria, Kenndra, Kenndrea, Lakendra, ..], Keturah [Katura, Ketura], Larsen [Larson, Larssen, Larsson], Leah [Lia, Lea, Lee, Leia, Leigh], Mackenna [Mckenna, Mackendra], Mackenzie [Makensie, Makenzie, Mckenzie, Mackenzey], Madison [Madisen, Madyson, Madisyn, Maddison, Madisson], Mara [Mari, Marra, Mahra, Marah, Maraline, Maralina, Maralinda], Monica [Monca, Monnie, Monika, Monike, Monicka, Moniqua, Monnica, Monique, ..], Naomi [Navit, Neoma, Neomi, Noami, Noemi, Naomie, Nayomi, Noemie, ..]

Quincey - Stetson
Quincey [Quinci, Quincy, Quinsy, Quincie], Rebecca [Riva, Rivy, Rivi, Rivah, Rivka, Rivkah, Rivalee, Rivekka, ..], Royce [Roice], Rubena [Rubine, Rubina, Reubena, Reubina], Stetson [Stetcyn, Stettson]