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Christabel - Tyler

.. as in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 1816 .. [Crystabella, Crystabel, Cristabella, Cristabel, Chrystabelle, Christable, Christabella, .. 6 more]

.. Elizabeth Montgomery, Elisabeth Shue, Elizabeth Taylor .. [Yzabelle, Yelizaveta, Veta, Tetty, Lyzette, Lyzbet, Lyza, Lotte, Lizz, Lizveth, .. 181 more]

.. Lillie Langtry, Lily Taylor, Lily Tomlin .. [Lilyanne, Lilyan, Lillita, Lillianne, Lillia, Lilli, Lilley, Liliana, Leelee, .. 13 more]

.. probably influenced by the popular Taylor. [Taylyn, .. 1 more]

"Tailor; to cut." .. to characters named Taylor on the .. [Tayler, .. 2 more]

.. influenced by the popularity of Taylor .. [Tyller, .. 3 more]

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1. Christabel - Tyler
Christabel [Crystabel, Cristabel, Cristabell, Chrystobel, Crystabella, Cristabelle, Cristabella, Chrystabelle, ..], Elizabeth [Veta, Ysabel, Yzabelle, Ysabella, Ylisabet, Ylisabette, Yelizaveta, Yelisaveta, ..], Lily [Lilly, Lilyan, Lillie, Lillia, Lillita, Lillika, Lilyanne, Lillianne, ..], Tayla [Taylyn, Taylin], Taylor [Tayler, Tailor, Tahlor], Tyler [Tyla, Tylee, Tyller, Tylena]