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Reza - Tricia

Short form of Teresa (Greek) late ..

Short form of Teresa, made familiar ..

"Late summer." .. of two saints, Teresa of Avila .. [Tressa, Tresa, Tersia, Tersa, Terrosina, Terrie, Terosina, Terezita, Tereza, Terez, .. 25 more]

.. or a short form of Teresa. [Tierra, Terah, .. 3 more]

Diminutive of Teresa. Such nicknames for .. [Teryn, Terrye, Terrin, Terri, Terree, Terilynn, Terika, Terie, Teriann, .. 14 more]

.. a variant of Teresa or blend .. [Terryl, Terrena, .. 6 more]

Diminutive of Teresa. Also possibly (Greek) .. [Teza, Tessie, .. 3 more]

.. Saint Teresa of Avila was an .. [Zita, Theressa, Theresita, Therese, Tessi, Terresa, Teri, Teresa, Terasa, Tera, .. 36 more]

See also Teresa for similar sounding .. [Trissina, Trissa, Trishana, .. 8 more]

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Summary Index of Teresa names [and variants] for girls.

1. Reza - Tricia
Reza, Tea, Teresa [Tess, Tresa, Tessy, Tessa, Tesia, Tressa, Tessie, Teskia, ..], Terra [Tera, Tiera, Terah, Tierra, Terrah], Terry [Teryn, Terri, Terryn, Terrye, Terrin, Terrie, Terrey, Terreigh, ..], Teryl [Terryl, Terrill, Terrene, Terrena, Terrell, Terrall, Terelyn, Teralyn], Tessa [Teza, Tess, Tessy, Tessie, Tessia], Theresa [Zita, Treza, Tresa, Tracy, Tressa, Treesa, Tracie, Trescha, ..], Tricia [Tris, Trisa, Trish, Trissa, Trisia, Trisha, Trissina, Trishana, ..]