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Althea - Timothea

From Althaia, and of a different .. [Thea, Althia, Althelia, Althaia, .. 5 more]

Theodora is its synonym .. [Thea, Dottie, Dosya, Dorthea, Dortha, Dorothee, Dorota, Dorit, Dorika, Doretta, .. 30 more]

.. possibly variant of Thea (Greek) "goddess" ..

"Goddess." Short form of names like Althea .. [Thia, Tea, .. 1 more]

Uncommon feminine form of Timothy. [Timotheya, Timmey, Thea, .. 3 more]

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1. Althea - Timothea
Althea [Thea, Eltha, Elthea, Althia, Altheda, Althaia, Althaea, Althelia], Dorothy [Tea, Dot, Thea, Dotty, Dosya, Dosha, Dottie, Dottey, ..], Tea, Thea [Tea, Thia, Theia], Timothea [Thea, Timmi, Timmie, Timmey, Timaula, Timotheya]