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Abital - Candida

This name is a poetic reference .. [Avital, .. 1 more]

This name may also have originated .. [Abrahana, Abrah, .. 2 more]

.. a short form of this name. [Kassy, Cacie, .. 12 more]

.. conceiving, implying that this will be ..

.. been created from this name due .. [Yieshah, Takisha, Taisha, Niesha, Myesha, Isha, Ihisha, Ieesha, Ieshah, Iesha, .. 52 more]

.. In medieval times this was a .. [Alvit, Alvah, Albina, Alba, .. 3 more]

.. and playwrights brought this name into .. [Mandy, Mandie, Mandi, Mandee, Mandaline, Demanda, Amandine, Amada, .. 7 more]

This is the Old Persian form ..

.. was based on this story (1956) .. [Tasya, Tasiya, Tasia, Stasya, Stash, Stacy, Stacie, Nastya, Nastassja, Nastassia, .. 37 more]

.. The popularity of this blend may .. [Annmaria, Annemarie, .. 1 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Thi names: Acacia, Aisha, Alva, Amanda, Anastasia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Thi names: Annamaria, Arabella, Aubrey, Becca, Bonnie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Thi names: Callie, Camellia, Candida

.. families are descended from this group. [Orbelle, Belle, Bella, Arabelle, .. 13 more]

.. event commemorated by this name is .. [Asencion]

.. This was the name, according to .. [Aubury, Aubry, Aubrianna, Aubriana, Aubri, Aubreigh, Aubre, Aubery, Aubary, .. 4 more]

The source of this name "badara" .. [Badr]

In Old English, this was a ..

Derivative of Nigerian. "This house's riches."

.. gay, which makes this an appropriate .. [Bunny, Bunnie, Bunni, Bonnylee, Bonnin, Bonnibel, Bonney, Bonnee, Bonnebell, Bonne, .. 7 more]

.. Greek "kallos" which this name may .. [Kaly, Kallie, Kalley, Kalle, Kaleigh, Kalei, Kahley, Kahle, Calli, Calina, .. 12 more]

The meaning of this old Roman .. [Cammelia, Camella, .. 1 more]

.. This may have been inspired by .. [Candy, Candido, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Thi names [and variants] for girls.

1. Abital - Candida
Abital [Avital, Abeetal], Abra [Abrah, Abrahana, ..], Acacia [Kassy, Kassja, ..], Adesina, Aisha [Yiesha, Yieshah, ..], Alva [Alvit, Alvah, ..], Amanda [Mandy, Mando, ..], Anahita, Anastasia [Tasya, Tasja, ..], Annamaria [Annmaria, Annemarie], Arabella [Orbelle, Orbella, ..], Asuncion [Asencion], Aubrey [Aubry, Aubury, ..], Bader [Badr], Becca, Bolanile, Bonnie [Bunny, Bunnie, ..], Callie [Kaly, Kally, ..], Camellia [Camelia, Cammelia], Candida [Candy, Candie, ..]

Carmel [Mina, Melita, ..], Carmen [Mina, Lita, ..], Casilda [Cassilda], Charis [Sherisa, Karrisa, ..], Chastity [Chasty, Chastney, ..], Claire [Seara, Searra, ..], Clarette, Clymene, Coco, Constance [Tina, Kostatina, ..], Cordula [Kordula, Kordulla], Corisande [Corrisande, Corissande], Denise [Dinny, Dinnie, ..], Desiree [Deziree, Deziray, ..], Eibhlin [Aibhlin, Eibhilin], Elen [Elin], Eliana [Lina, Ileana, ..], Elli, Eluned [Lynette, Lynnette, ..], Esmeralda [Marilda, Smeralda, ..]

Euron [Eurys, Euryl, ..], Evlin, Flavia [Flavyere, Flaviere], Fuchsia [Fusha], Gae [Gay, Gaye], Gay [Gai, Gaye], Germaine [Jermayn, Jermayne, ..], Giselle [Gizelle, Gizella, ..], Halcyone [Halcyon, Halcyona], Hava [Haya, Kaija, ..], Hayley [Haylie, Hayleigh, ..], Hyacinth [Sinty, Jacynth, ..], Iphigenia [Genia, Iphigenie, ..], Julie [July, Jully, ..], Licia [Lisia, Lesia, ..], Linnea [Lynnea, Lynnae, ..], Logan [Logann], Lolita, Lora [Lory, Lowra, ..], Lorelei [Lurline, Lurlene, ..]

Loretta [Lowretta, Lorretta, ..], Mariah, Marion [Maryon, Maryonn], Mckenna [Mackenna, Mackendra], Medea [Medora, Medorah, ..], Michaela [Mykela, Mykala, ..], Mireio [Myrelle, Mirella, ..], Nevaeh, Norell [Narelle], Oona [Una, Oonagh], Ophrah [Orpa, Orpah, ..], Pascale [Pascua, Pascuala, ..], Perdita, Petula [Petulah], Phyllis [Phyllys, Phylliss, ..], Raleigh [Rawley, Rawleigh, ..], Rosa [Roza, Rosita, ..], Rosario, Saffron [Saphron, Saffronia, ..], Sardinia [Sardegna]

Siobhan [Syvonne, Siobhian, ..], Sorrel [Sorell, Sorrell], Tara [Tarra, Tarrah, ..], Tatiana [Tonya, Tiatiana, ..], Teresa [Tresa, Tressa, ..], Theresa [Zita, Treza, ..], Thomasina [Tommy, Tommye, ..], Tiffany [Tyffany, Tyffenie, ..], Tova [Tovah], Trista [Trystin, Trystan, ..], Van, Virginia [Virgy, Virginnia, ..]