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Bernice - Veronica

.. from the same root as Veronica .. [Veronique, Veronica, Berry, Berri, Bernicia, Berneice, Bernette, Berneece, Berenyce, Barry, .. 28 more]

.. such as Berenice, Veronica, Nicole, Nicola .. [Nika]

.. short form of Veronica (Latin) "image" .. [Ronny, Ronnie, Ronnelle, Ronnee, Ronika, Ronelle, .. 13 more]

.. for Guinevere and Veronica. The name .. [Verushka, Veruschka, Verlene, Verine, Verdie, Verdell, Veira, Lavera, .. 14 more]

Short form of Veronica. Also the .. [Verowna, Verone, .. 2 more]

"Victory bringer." .. Saint Veronica (17th century) was an .. [Vonnie, Veroniqua, Veronice, Verohnica, Vernika, Verinique, Ronni, Ranna, .. 24 more]

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1. Bernice - Veronica
Bernice [Bunny, Nixie, Bunnie, Vernice, Veronike, Veronika, Veronica, Veronique, ..], Nike [Nika], Ronni [Ronny, Ronna, Ronnie, Ronney, Ronnee, Ronnette, Ronnella, Ronnelle, ..], Vera [Verka, Verla, Verlene, Verinka, Verushka, Veroshka, Verochka, Veruschka, ..], Verona [Veron, Verone, Varona, Verowna], Veronica [Vonnie, Veronka, Veronqua, Veronike, Veronika, Veronique, Veroniqua, Veronicka, ..]