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Weapon baby names and what they mean, with 3 results. Here is the list of Warrior names for boys.

Bertha - Macy

.. the family that manufactured the weapon. [Laberta, Birdy, Bertine, Berti, Berta, .. 16 more]

Stems fr. German word. "Point (of a weapon)." Originally a short form of names ..

Root fr. Old French word. "Weapon." May also be a place name .. [Maicy, Macie, Macee, .. 3 more]

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1. Bertha - Macy
Bertha [Bird, Berty, Birdy, Birta, Birdie, Birtha, Laberta, Bertuska, ..], Eike, Macy [Maci, Macey, Macee, Macie, Maicy, Maicey]