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Baby Names associated with Wine for Girls

Wine baby names and what they mean, for wine.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Wine names: Brandy, Calista, Margo, Sherry

Brandy 1 .. .. of the distilled wine, which comes .. Popular as last names. Compare Brandice, var. and popular surname Braid (top 27%), which also begins with Bra-. [Brand, Brande, Brandei, Brandeli, Brandi, Brandily, Brandis, Brandise, Branell, Brannde, .. 25 more]

Calista 2 .. .. cup containing the wine of the .. Cali (+81), Callie (+40) and Kallie (+93) are fashionable forms undergoing resurgence. [Cala, Cali, Calisto, Callysta, Kala, Kalesta, Kallysta, .. 18 more]

Chardonnay 3 .. popular variety of wine from which .. Not Top 1000 names. [Chardonay]

Clarette 4 .. .. influienced by the wine "Claret" from .. Calrette, Carette and Claretthe are kreatif variations.

Deiondra 5 .. is the Greek god of wine .. Deiondra, Deionna and Diondra are more rare as variant forms. [Deionna, Diondra, Dionna]

Loire 6 .. chateaux and producing pleasant white wine. Uncommon. Loire, like Lenore, has the -re ending. [Loir, .. 1 more]

Madeira 7 .. known for the wine made there. Not in Top 1000. [Madera, .. 1 more]

Margo 8 .. .. a famous Bordeaux wine, Chateau Margaux .. Somewhat popular as girls' names, Margo, Margaux, etc. are comparable to the conventional Maryjo. [Margaux, Margot, .. 1 more]

Marsala 9 .. type of sweet wine is made. Rare as girls' names, but Marsala and Marsalla are comparable to the more common Marcela. [Marsalla]

Moselle 10 .. .. a type of sweet white wine. Not Top 1000 names. [Mosella, Mosette, Moiselle, .. 1 more]

Sherry 11 .. .. to the sweet wine, after the .. Less used today. Sherry was the version last found (1995) in the Top 1000. [Cheray, Sharee, Sharie, Sharrie, Sheraie, Sheray, Sheraya, Sherey, Sheri, Sherree, .. 17 more]

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Summary of Wine names (and variants) for girls.

Brandy - Sherry
Brandy [Branndi, Brannde, Branndea, Branndie, Branyell, Brantley, Debranda, Branndais, ..], Calista [Kalli, Kally, Kalla, Kallie, Kalysta, Kallesta, Kallista, Kallysta, ..], Chardonnay [Chardonay], Clarette, Deiondra [Dionna, Deionna, Diondra], Loire [Loir, Loirane], Madeira [Madera, Madira], Margo [Margot, Margaux, Margeaux], Marsala [Marsalla], Moselle [Mosella, Mosette, Moiselle, Moisella], Sherry [Sherri, Sherye, Sh'rae, Sherita, Sherree, Sherrie, Sherryn, Sherrey, ..]