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Evonne - Yvonne

Variant of Yvonne, influenced by Eve .. [Ivonne, Evony, .. 3 more]

Variant of Yvonne. [Ivonna, .. 2 more]

.. of La with Yvonne (French) "yew". [Levonda, Lahvonne, .. 3 more]

.. of the Sha prefix with Yvonne .. [Syvonne, Chyvonne, Chevonne, .. 17 more]

Diminutive of Yvonne. Actress Yvette Mimieux. [Yvetta, Ivetta, .. 4 more]

"Yew." .. actress Yvonne DeCarlo. [Yvonna, Yvetta, Yevette, Ivonne, Ivette, Evonne, .. 9 more]

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1. Evonne - Yvonne
Evonne [Evon, Evony, Ivonne, Evonna, Eyvonne], Ivonne [Ivon, Ivonna, Evonne], Lavonne [Levonda, Levonne, Lavonna, Lavonda, Lahvonne], Siobhan [Sioban, Syvonne, Siobahn, Shivaun, Siobhian, Sh'vonne, Shyvonne, Shovonne, ..], Yvette [Yvedt, Ivett, Yvetta, Ivette, Ivetta, Yevette], Yvonne [Yvett, Yvonna, Yvette, Yvetta, Yuette, Laveta, Yevette, Lavette, ..]