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Sixteenth century baby names and what they mean, with 47 results. Adoption of these boy names reached its apex 75 years ago (USAGE OF 6%) and has become much diminished since (USAGE 1.7%, 70.9% LESS), with names like Ferdinand falling out of fashion. The more fashionable boy names here are Knox (#258), Abraham (#170), Rory (#378), Lennox (#488) and Raphael (#537), while Bodden (TOP 7%) and Baden (10%) are conventional surnames. Here is the list of 16th century names for girls.

16th names

Abner - Erasmus | Esme - Rocky | Rory - Xavier

Abner - Erasmus

.. in the late 16th century, but .. Amner is also a moderately popular birth name. [Ebner, Eb, Abnar, Abby, Ab, .. 8 more]

.. used from the 16th century, and .. Abraham (TOP 1%), Avram (32%), etc., like Afram (TOP 79%), Ibraham (52%), are popular -am suffix last names. [Ibrahim, Ebrahim, Avraham, Abrahan, Abey, Abarran, Ab, .. 15 more]

.. popular by the 16th century Italian .. A somewhat untypical boys' name. [Lutwick, Ludwig, Ludwick, Louis, Lewis, Alojzy, Aloisio, .. 7 more]

.. name in the 16th century, but .. Usage of Ashley as a birth name has faded since the 1980s. [Lee, Ashly, Ashlinn, Ashlin, Ashlie, Ashlen, .. 11 more]

.. Spanish conquest of the 16th century. Unique. Atahualpa is not found in the US Demographics.

.. fearless, was a 16th century French .. Bay (upper 3%), Bayard (12%) and Baylen (100%) occur often as surnames. [Baylen, Bay, .. 2 more]

Saint Bodey (16th century) was an .. Used frequently as children's names, Bodey, Boden, etc. sound like the popular Buddy. [Bowdoin, Bodin, Bodie, .. 3 more]

.. career of the 16th century czar .. Boriss, Borja, Borris and Borys are more novel as forms of Boris. [Borys, .. 3 more]

Briant (16th century) was an English .. Adoption of Bryant and Briant as birth names in 2015 was down 45.1% compared to a decade ago. [Briant]

.. A 16th century English physician endowed .. A conventional birth name. [Keys, Caio, .. 5 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 16th names: Abner, Abraham, Aloysius, Ashley, Bayard

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 16th names: Boden, Boris, Bryant, Caius, Calvin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 16th names: Camilo, Cary, Chandler, Conan, Cortez

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 16th names: Edmund, Edwin, Ephraim, Erasmus

.. as homage to 16th century French .. Calvin, Cal and Kalvin were Top birth names in 2015. [Vinnie, Calvino, .. 2 more]

.. Lellis was a 16th century Italian .. Camilo has surged in prominence as a birth name since 1880-1889. [Comillo, .. 2 more]

.. an Irish saint's name (16th century) .. Used somewhat widely as baby names, Carey, Cary, etc. sound like the popular Cory. [Carrey, .. 1 more]

.. came up in the 16th century .. Unisex name. Usage of Chandler as a baby name in 2015 was down 12.4% compared to a decade ago.

.. 12th to the 16th centuries, and .. Conn (top 2%), Conant (4%), Connie (39%), Con (47%) and Conan (55%) appear commonly as last names. [Connie, .. 3 more]

.. adventurer Hernando Cortes (16th century) who .. Used frequently as children's names, Kortes, Cortez, etc. are pronounced like the common Kurtis. [Kortez, Kortes, .. 1 more]

.. In the 16th and 17th centuries .. Conventional, with usage of 0.052% for Edmund and variants as boys' names in 2015, but lower than 0.056% a year ago. [Teddy, Neddie, Edmundo, Edmondine, Eddy, Eddie, Eamonn, .. 12 more]

.. occasionally in the 16th century, but .. Eadwinn, Edlin, Eduino, Edvin and Edwyn are more unusual as versions of Edwin. [Teddy, Teddie, Neddy, Edwyn, Edlin, Eadwinn, .. 9 more]

.. Puritans in the 16th century, and .. Usage of Evron and forms was up a decade ago and is almost as conventional now. [Yefrem, Ephrim, Ephriam, Ephream, Ephraem, Ep, .. 10 more]

.. The 16th century Dutch humanist philosopher .. A somewhat offbeat birth name, Erasmus is used more commonly as a surname. [Rasmus, Erasme, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of 16th century names [and variants] for boys.

1. Abner - Erasmus
Abner [Eb, Ebby, Avner, Abnor, Ebbie, Ebner, ..], Abraham [Bram, Avram, Avrom, Brahm, Ibrahim, Ebrahim, ..], Aloysius [Aloys, Lewis, Louis, Ludwig, Ludwick, Lutwick, ..], Ashley [Lee, Ashly, Ashlyn, Ashling, Ashlinn, Ashlynn, ..], Atahualpa, Bayard [Bay, Baylen, Baiardo, Bajardo], Boden [Bodie, Bodey, Bodin, Bodine, Bowden, Bowdoin], Boris [Borja, Borys, Boriss, Borris], Bryant [Briant], Caius [Kay, Caio, Kaye, Keye, Keys, Keyes], Calvin [Cal, Kalvin, Vinnie, Calvino], Camilo [Comillo, Camillo, Camillus], Cary [Carey, Carrey], Chandler, Conan [Con, Conn, Connie, Conant], Cortez [Cortes, Kortes, Kortez], Edmund [Ted, Ned, Odon, Teddy, Eumann, Neddie, ..], Edwin [Ned, Ted, Teddy, Neddy, Teddie, Neddie, ..], Ephraim [Evron, Ephrem, Ephrim, Ephrym, Yefrem, Ephriam, ..], Erasmus [Ras, Erasme, Erasmo, Rasmus, Erasmios]

Esme [Isme, Esmay, Ismay, Esmeling], Ferdinand [Nandy, Nando, Hernan, Fernande, Hernando, Fernando, ..], Festus [Feste], Forest [Foster, Forrest, Forster, Forester, Forrester], Freeman [Freman, Freemon, Freedman, Freeland, Friedman, Friedmann], Gaetano [Gaeton, Gaetan, Gaetane, Kajetan, Kayetan, Kajetano, ..], Gaillard [Galliard, Gaillhard, Gaillardet], Galileo, Griffith [Guto, Gutun, Gutyn, Gruffud, Gruffydd, Griffudd], Hart [Harte], Hartley [Harthy, Hartlee, Hartlea, Hartleigh], Hercules [Ercule, Ercolo, Hercule, Herakles, Herculie, Heraclio], James [Jim, Jimbo, Jimmy, Jemmy, Jimmie, Seamus, ..], Knox, Lennox [Lenox], Martin [Marty, Martyn, Marton, Morten, Martinos, Martinus, ..], Mercator, Napier [Neper], Raphael [Ravel, Raffael, Rafello, Raphello, Raphaello, Raffaello, ..], Rocky [Rock, Roque, Rocklin, Rockwell, Rockford, Rockland]

Rory [Rhory, Rorey, Rorik, Rorry, Rorric], Shadrach [Shad, Shadrack, Shadrick], Tallis [Talys, Tallys], Tamerlane [Tamurlayn, Tamberlane, Tamburlane, Tamurlaine, Tamberlaine, Tamburlaine, ..], Tasso, Turner, Xavier [Xavi, Xever, Zavier, Xayvion, Xaviell, Xathieur, ..]

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