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18th century baby names and what they mean, for 18th.

Adoption of these boy names reached its highest during the years 1880-1889 (usage of 0.3477%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 0.216%, down 37.9%), with names such as Sidney, Addison, Stephen, Clinton and Stuart becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier baby names among these are Augustus (#544), Titus (#285), Solomon (#380), Simon (#231) and Owen (#36), and there is also a rebound in birth name popularity for Augustus, Owen, Simon and Solomon. Cimon (top 87%) and Siemon (21%) are familiar surnames.

Here is the list of 18th century names for girls.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Addison, Augustus, Bernard, Bradford, Clinton

Addison 1 .. .. and influential through the 18th century. Common as surnames. Compare Addison (upper 1%), Addeson, etc. with popular last name Aronson (upper 4%), which also ends with -son. [Ad, Addeson, Addy, Adison, Adisson, .. 1 more]

Antioco 2 .. .. 300 AD until the 18th century. Antiochus and variants are seldom found as first names. [Antioch, Antiochus, .. 1 more]

Augustus 3 .. .. Britain in the 18th century, when .. Adoption of Augustus, Gus, etc. as boys' names in 2014 was 11.4% more than a year ago. [Agostino, Augie, Auguste, Augustin, Augusto, Augy, Austen, Guus, .. 6 more]

Bayard 4 .. .. Delaware in the 18th and 19th .. Not in popularity charts. [Baiardo, Bajardo, Bay, .. 1 more]

Bernard 5 .. .. common until the 18th century, and .. Less common today. Bernard was the variant last recorded (2008) in the Top 1000. [Barnard, Barnhardo, Barnie, Berend, Bernardino, Bernis, Bernt, .. 16 more]

Boaz 6 .. .. in the 17th and 18th centuries .. Not in popularity charts. [Boas, Boase]

Boone 7 .. .. Daniel Boone (18th century), the legendary .. Bolne, Boode and Bootne are kreatif forms.

Boswell 8 .. James Boswell (18th century) was a .. Not in popularity charts.

Bradford 9 .. .. Another William Bradford (18th century) was .. Not in popularity charts. [Braddford, Bradfurd, .. 1 more]

Clinton 10 .. .. An illustrious 18th century governor of .. Popular, with the common -ton suffix for Clinton like Caxton. [Clint, Klint, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Ephraim, Garrick, Julian

Ephraim 11 .. .. mostly in the 18th and 19th .. Ephraim (top 16%), Ephrem (48%) and Ephriam (49%) exist regularly as surnames. [Efraim, Ephraem, Ephream, Ephrim, Yefrem, .. 10 more]

Fingal 12 .. .. the Ossianic poems (18th century) for .. Fin (top 95%), Fingal (80%) and Finn (1%) appear commonly as last names. [Fin, Fingall, Finn, .. 1 more]

Galfrid 13 .. used in the 18th century but .. Outside Top 1000. [Gal]

Garrick 14 .. 18th century English actor David Garrick .. Outside Top 1000. [Garek, Garreck, .. 3 more]

Griffith 15 .. .. the 16th to the 18th century. Griffith was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Julian 16 .. .. First used in the 18th century .. Jolyon, Juliano, Julianus and Julyan are more unusual as forms of Julian. [Jolyon, Jules, Juliano, .. 5 more]

Livingston 17 .. .. landowners in the 18th and 19th .. Uncommon. Livingston (cf. Linton) uses the favored androgynous-sounding -ton suffix. [Livingsten, Livingstone, .. 1 more]

Lothar 18 .. .. in an early 18th century English .. Lothair and variants were not Top birth names in 2014. [Lother, Lothario, Lothur, .. 1 more]

Mather 19 .. .. of 17th and 18th century Massachusetts .. Unusual. Mather, Maither, Matther, like Mueller, ends with the androgynous-sounding -er. [Maither, .. 1 more]

Oisin 20 .. .. revived in the 18th century by .. Rare, with the -in ending for Oisin, Ossin like Oswin. [Ossian, Ossin]

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Summary of 18th century names (and variants) for boys.

Addison - Oisin
Addison [Ad, Addy, Addie, Adison, Addeson, Adisson], Antioco [Antioch, Antiochos, Antiochus], Augustus [Gus, Guus, Guss, Austin, Austyn, Gussie, ..], Bayard [Bay, Baylen, Baiardo, Bajardo], Bernard [Bernt, Bernie, Bernis, Burnard, Vernados, Bernhardo, ..], Boaz [Boas, Boase], Boone, Boswell, Bradford [Brad, Bradfurd, Braddford], Clinton [Klint, Clint, Clintt], Ephraim [Evron, Ephrem, Ephrim, Ephrym, Yefrem, Ephriam, ..], Fingal [Fin, Finn, Fingall, Fionghall], Galfrid [Gal], Garrick [Garek, Garryk, GarrIk, Garryck, Garreck], Griffith, Julian [Julio, Julius, Julien, Julyan, Juliano, Julianus, ..], Livingston [Livingsten, Livingstin, Livingstone], Lothar [Lother, Lothur, Lothair, Lothario], Mather [Maither, Matther], Oisin [Ossin, Ossian]

Orville - Tecumseh
Orville [Orv, Orvil, Orval, Orvell, Orvelle], Oscar [Ozzy, Oskar, Ossie, Osker], Owen [Ewan, Owin, Ewen, Owain, Owynn, Owens], Paine [Pain, Payne], Paisley, Patrick [Pats, Pink, Patty, Patsy, Patton, Patten, ..], Paul [Pol, Poll, Poul, Pavlo, Pawel, Pavlik, ..], Penn [Pen], Pike [Pyke], Ranjit [Ranjeet], Reuben [Ruby, Rube, Ruben, Rubin, Rouvin, Rubino, ..], Rousseau [Russo, Roussell], Rupert [Ruprecht], Seraphim [Saraph, Seraph, Serafin, Sarafino, Serafino, Seraphimus], Sidney [Sid, Syd, Sydney], Simon [Syms, Symms, Symon, Szymon, Simpson, Simonson, ..], Solomon [Sol, Sollie, Shalmon, Solaman, Soloman, Salomone, ..], Stephen [Steve, Stevy, Stevie, Steven, Stevan, Stevenson, ..], Stuart [Steward, Stewart], Tecumseh

Timothy - Wistar
Timothy [Tymon, Tymothy, Timothey, Tymmothy, Tymoteusz, Timotheus, ..], Titus [Tito, Titos], Wedgwood [Wedgewood], Wesley [Wes, Wesly, Wessley, Westley, Westleigh], Wistar [Wister]