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18th Century Names

Page 2/3. 44 18th names and what they mean, for 18th for baby boys, listing 21-40.

Oscar .. The name was revived by 18th century literary use ..
[Oskar, Osker, Ossie, Ozzy]

Owen .. Common outside Wales since the 18th century ..
[Ewan, Ewen, Owens, Owain, Owin, .. 1 more]

Paine .. Thomas Paine (18th century) was an influential political theorist during the American Revolution, and wrote "The Rights of Man" which supported the French Revolution.
[Pain, Payne]

Paisley .. The name has been given to a pattern on fabric, since shawls with that pattern were made in the town in the 18th century.

Patrick .. The name spread outside of Ireland in the 18th century ..
[Packey, Paddey, Paddie, Paddy, Padhraig, .. 20 more]

Paul .. Popular Roman and medieval name used commonly since the 18th century ..
[Havel, Paavo, Pablo, Pal, Paolo, .. 21 more]

Penn .. American use is due to admiration for the Quaker leader William Penn (18th century) ..

Pike .. Pike's Peak in Colorado was named for Zebulon Pike, an early 18th-century soldier and explorer who first sighted the peak in his search for the source of the Mississippi River.

Ranjit .. Ranjit Singh was a prominent maharajah of the Punjab area of India in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Reuben .. Commonly used since the 18th century ..
[Reuban, Reubin, Reuven, Rouvin, Rube, .. 4 more]

Rousseau .. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was an 18th-century French philosopher whose writings influenced the French and American Revolutions.
[Roussell, Russo]

Rupert .. Well-used in Britain since the 18th century ..

Seraphim .. There were two Saints Seraphim, one a 17th-century Italian, one an 18th-century Russian mystic.
[Sarafino, Saraph, Serafin, Serafino, Seraph, .. 1 more]

Sidney .. Used as given name in the 18th century and popular in the 19th ..
[Sid, Syd, Sydney]

Simon .. A common name from the Middle Ages through the 18th century ..
[Shimon, Si, Sim, Simen, Simeon, .. 10 more]

Solomon .. Used in the Middle Ages and the 18th century.
[Salmon, Salomo, Salomon, Salomone, Shalmon, .. 4 more]

Stephen .. Common until the late 18th century ..
[Esteban, Estefan, Estevan, Etienne, Staffan, .. 21 more]

Stuart .. Stuart was the family name of English kings during the 18th century ..
[Steward, Stewart]

Tecumseh .. It was borne by a prominent Shawnee chief (18th-19th century) who attempted to unite various tribes to negotiate with the American government ..

Timothy .. The story turns on the fate of the crippled but ever-cheerful Tiny Tim, who greets every holiday season with the cry, "God bless us, every one!" The name was uncommon until the 18th century.
[Tim, Timmo, Timmy, Timmothy, Timo, .. 14 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Oscar, Owen, Patrick, Paul, Reuben, Rupert, Sidney, Simon, Solomon, Stephen

Top 1000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Stuart, Timothy

Oscar, Owen, Patrick, Paul, Reuben, Rupert, Sidney, Simon, Solomon, Stephen, Stuart and Timothy are commonly used names, while Paine, Paisley, Penn, Pike, Ranjit, Rousseau, Seraphim and Tecumseh are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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