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Boaz 6 .. Revived by the Puritans and occasionally used in England in the 17th and 18th centuries .. Rarely used as a name for newborns, Boaz is used more commonly as a last name. See also Bazz. [Boas, .. 1 more]

Boone 7 .. Daniel Boone (18th century), the legendary American frontier hero, has influenced the use of the surname as a given name. A unique name for kids which exists more conventionally as a surname. See also Boyne.

Boswell 8 .. James Boswell (18th century) was a man of letters and the biographer of his contemporary, the lexicographer Samuel Johnson. Scarcely used as a name for baby boys, Boswell is used more often as a last name.

Bradford 9 .. Another William Bradford (18th century) was a printer who played an important part in the American Revolution. Bradford is a frequently occurring (Top 38%) given name, and it occurs often (Top 1%) as a surname in the US Census. The form Brad is generally used as a variation of this name. [Braddford, Bradfurd, .. 1 more]

Clinton 10 .. An illustrious 18th-century governor of New York, De Witt Clinton, left his name on many New York City locations .. Usage of Clinton as a name for babies has decreased over time. See also Clifton. [Clint, Clintt, .. 1 more]

Ephraim 11 .. First used by the Puritans in the 16th century, and mostly in the 18th and 19th centuries .. A popular given name for baby boys (#928 in 2014), and also existing commonly as a last name. The variation Efrain is popular as a variant form of Ephraim. [Efraim, Efrain, Efrem, Efryn, Ephraem, .. 10 more]

Fingal 12 .. Literary: the name was used in the Ossianic poems (18th century) for the Gaelic hero Fionn mac Cumhaill (see Finn) .. Fingal is atypical as a male name, appearing frequently (Top 53%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variation Finn is common as a variant form of Fingal. [Fin, Finn, .. 2 more]

Galfrid 13 .. The name was first used in the 18th century but is now rare. Rare as a given name for boys. [Gal]

Garrick 14 .. 18th century English actor David Garrick helped revive the fame of Shakespeare, and he is commemorated with street and building names in the theater district of London .. Garrick has faded in popularity as a boys' name over the years. See also Warrick. [Garek, Garreck, Garryck, .. 2 more]

Griffith 15 .. Used most often as a given name from the 16th to the 18th century. A rare boys' name, existing more commonly as a surname.

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