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Alphabet Names

4 Alphabet names related to or that mean alphabet for boys, listing Alphabet baby names 1-4. Alpha, Bravo, Methodios and Rune are uncommon names. View Alphabet baby names below for name meanings or search Alphabet names for girls.

Alpha ... First letter of the Greek alphabet ...

Bravo ... Also the word that means "B" in the military alphabet.
[Brahvo, Bravvo]

Methodios ... He is also one of the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet ...

Rune ... Runes were the alphabet used by ancient German peoples from the third to the 13th century ...

Related words: art, letter, letters, symbol. Partial list of 16 results related to alphabet below. Click on above related words for more results.

Art Irish mythology: Art Oenfer ("Art the lonely") was a son of Conn Cetchathach ("Conn of the Hundred Battles") ...

Tarquin ... It has been depicted in poetry and drama in various languages.
[Tarquinius, Tarquino, Tarquinus]

Artemas ... Biblical: a character mentioned briefly in Saint Paul's letter to Titus ...
[Art, Artemio, Artemis, Artemus, Artie, ... 4 more]

Atticus ... The name of a famous Roman man of letters who lived in the last years (109-32 BC) of the Roman Empire ... He is sometimes considered the first "publisher" because he had slaves copy important contemporary works like the letters of Cicero ...

Mercator ... the 16th-century cartographer whose projection for a world map was useful to navigators.

Sela ... possibly referring to an ancient musical notation.

Longfellow ... whose skill and romantic portrayal of early American history made him a much-loved American poet in the 19th century.

Augustine ... He formulated the principles followed by the numerous medieval communities named after him as Austin canons, friars, and nuns ...
[Agoston, Aguistin, Agustin, Augie, Augustin, ... 6 more]

Caxton ... William Caxton (15th century) established the first printing press in England.

Mercator ... the 16th-century cartographer whose projection for a world map was useful to navigators.

Fajr ... "Dawn; beginning, start."
[Fajar, Fajer]

Bertram ... Ravens were traditional symbols of wisdom in German mythology ...
[Bart, Bartram, Beltran, Beltrano, Bert, ... 8 more]

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