Arabic Names from Qasim - Shadi

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Qasim 76 .. "Charitable, generous." Not in Top 1000. See also Kasim.

Rabi 77 .. "Gentle wind." Rabi, Rabbi and Rabee are not in the Top 1000. [Rabbi, .. 1 more]

Radwan 78 .. "Pleasure, satisfaction." Not Top 1000 name.

Rafi 79 .. "Holding high." Rafi, like the similar Robi, occurs more often as a surname. [Rafee, Raffy, .. 1 more]

Rafiq 80 .. "Friend." Not Top 1000 names. Also possibly "gentle". [Rafi, Rafik]

Rahim 81 .. "Compassionate." Rahim (cf. Jachim, Brahim) is a popular last name ending with -him. In Islam, one of the ninety .. [Raheem, Rahiem]

Rami 82 .. "Loving." Rami (cf. Kami, Itami) is a popular surname that ends with -ami. [Ramey, .. 1 more]

Rashad 83 .. "Good judgment." Rashad, like Ahad, Irshad, is a common surname with the -had ending. [Rashaad, Rashod]

Rashid 84 .. "Rightly guided." Rashid (Top 5%) and Rasheed (9%) occur regularly as surnames. Rashida is used for girls. [Rasheed, Rasheid, .. 1 more]

Rigel 85 .. "Foot." Popular last name. Compare Rigel, and surnames Beigel, Meigel, which also end with -igel. In the Orion constellation, Rigel is ..

Riyad 86 .. "Gardens." Riyad and Riyadh are not in the Top 1000. .. of the capital of Saudi Arabia. [Riyadh]

Saad 87 .. "Happiness." Not that popular as a children's name, Saad is used more commonly as a surname.

Said 88 .. "Happy." Scarce as boys' names, but Said and Saeed are comparable to the more conventional Shad. .. Africa, and popular in Arabic countries .. [Saeed]

Saladin 89 .. "Righteousness of the religion." Unique. Saladin, like Braidin, Caidin, ends with the common masculine -din. Name of a prominent Muslim sultan 12 ..

Salim 90 .. "Peaceful." Outside Top 1000. [Saleem, Salem, Selim]

Salman 91 .. "Security, safety." Common surname. Compare Salman, and surnames Sallmen, Salva, which also begin with Sal-. See also Zalman. Author Salman Rushdie.

Sami 92 .. "On high, exalted." Gender-neutral name. Rare. Sami (cf. Diarmi, Kwami) ends with the favored androgynous-sounding -mi.

Sayid 93 .. "Mister." Not that prominent as a children's name. Also used as a title for .. [Saiyid, .. 2 more]

Scirocco 94 .. "Warm wind." Cirocco (Top 55%) and Scirocco (55%) appear commonly as last names. The word was originally a description .. [Cirocco, .. 1 more]

Shadi 95 .. "Singer." Unusual. Shadi, like Hadi, Jeladi, ends with the common masculine -adi. [Shaday, .. 1 more]

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