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Atahualpa - Cree

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Atahualpa 1 .. Name of the last king of the Incas, who ruled the area now known as Peru before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century. Unique as a birth name.

Chino 2 .. Also a California place name for an agricultural area east of Los Angeles .. Rarely used as a given name, Chino is used more commonly as a last name. See also Chan.

Cleveland 3 .. From Old English element. "Hilly area." Usage of Cleveland as a birth name has fallen off over the years since 1880-1889. The variation Cleve is popular as a variant form of the name. .. [Cleavon, Cleavland, Cleve, .. 3 more]

Covert 4 .. Place name: refers to a small area of woods that gives shelter to game. Seldom used as a given name for boys, Covert is found more often as a surname. [Couvert]

Cree 5 Native Canadian tribe: the Cree originated in areas from Quebec to Alberta .. Name suited for both boys and girls. Scarcely used as a boys' name, Cree is used more often as a surname.

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[Atahualpa - Cree]
Atahualpa, Chino, Cleveland [Cleon, Cleve, Clevon, Cleavland, ..], Covert [Couvert], Cree

[Dacey - Graves]
Dacey [Dacy, Daicy, Dacius, Daicey, ..], Deccan, Dorian [Dorion, Dorrian, Dorrien, Dorryen, ..], Dustin [Dusty, Dusten, Duston, Dustyn], Eifion, Eoghan [Jevon, Owain], Fyfe [Fife, Fyffe, Phyfe], Galil, Graham [Graeme, Graeham, Grahame], Graves

[Hawes - Marlow]
Hawes [Haws], Hayes [Hays], Lander [Landis, Landor, Landry, Landiss, ..], Lester [Les, Leicester], Lidio [Licio, Lydio], Lombard [Lombardi, Lombardo], Loukas [Loukanos, Loukianos], Lucan [Lukan, Loucan, Louccan], Macedonio, Marlow [Marloe, Marlowe]

[Marquis - Styles]
Marquis [Marqui, Marquiz, Marquez, Marquise, ..], Parrish [Parish, Parris, Parriss], Ranjit [Ranjeet], Sackville, Saguaro [Seguaro], Savoy, Sidonio, Styles [Stiles]