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Area Names

Page 1/2. 33 Area names and what they mean, for area for baby boys, listing 1-20.

Atahualpa .. Name of the last king of the Incas, who ruled the area now known as Peru before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century.

Chino .. Also a California place name for an agricultural area east of Los Angeles ..

Cleveland .. (Old English) "Hilly area." ..
[Cleavon, Cleaveland, Cleavland, Cleon, Cleve, .. 1 more]

Covert .. Place name: refers to a small area of woods that gives shelter to game.

Cree Native Canadian tribe: the Cree originated in areas from Quebec to Alberta ..

Dacey .. Dacia was an area that is now Romania.
[Dace, Dacian, Dacius, Dacy, Daicey, .. 1 more]

Deccan Place name: an area in central India.

Dorian .. Place name: Doris is an area in Greece ..
[Dore, Dorien, Dorion, Dorrian, Dorrien, .. 1 more]

Dustin .. (Old German, Old English) "Dusty area." ..
[Dustan, Dusten, Duston, Dusty, Dustyn]

Eifion .. In Welsh tradition Eifion, grandson of King Cunedda, gave his name to the district Eifionydd, an area in Wales near Pwllheli.

Eoghan .. The Irish area of County Tyrone comes from this name, for in Irish it is Tir Eoghain, meaning "land of Eoghan".
[Jevon, Owain]

Fyfe .. Place name: Fifeshire is an area of Scotland ..
[Fife, Fyffe, Phyfe]

Galil .. The root word for Galilee, a hilly area in Israel.

Graham .. (Old English) "Gravel area." ..
[Graeham, Graeme, Grahame]

Graves .. Commemorates an area near a community burial ground ..

Hawes .. (Old English) "Hedged area." ..

Hayes .. (Old English) "Hedged area." ..

Lander .. Also possibly derived from German meaning "picket fence", or from an expression describing a person from a rural area, or from a German/Jewish name for the people of Landau, a city in Germany ..
[Land, Landers, Landis, Landiss, Landor, .. 1 more]

Lester .. Place name: an area in central England.
[Leicester, Les]

Lidio .. Lydia was an area of Asia known for its two rich kings, Midas and Croesus.
[Licio, Lydio]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Area names: Cleveland, Dorian, Dustin, Graham, Hayes, Lester

Cleveland, Dorian, Dustin, Graham and Lester are commonly used names, while Atahualpa, Chino, Covert, Cree, Dacey, Deccan, Eifion, Eoghan, Fyfe, Galil, Graves, Hawes, Hayes, Lander and Lidio are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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