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Archer - Fletcher

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Archer 1 .. An English surname from medieval times when bows and arrows were essential hunting and fighting equipment .. The name Archer has gained in popularity as a given name over the years since 1880-1889. See also Ancher.

Arrow 2 .. From the common English word. Uncommon as a given name for boys, Arrow is found more frequently as a surname. See also Arrio.

Chiko 3 .. Root fr. Japanese word. "Arrow." Unusual as a birth name for boys. See also Chico.

Dart 4 .. A dart is also a small arrow. Distinctive as a name for newborns, Dart is found more conventionally as a last name. See also Mart.

Fletcher 5 .. Stems fr. Old French element. "Arrow-maker." Usage of Fletcher as a given name has diminished over the years since 1890-1899. .. [Flecher, Fletch]

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[Archer - Fletcher]
Archer, Arrow, Chiko, Dart, Fletcher [Fletch, Flecher]