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Danube - Leopold

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Danube 1 Geography name: the second largest river in Europe, it flows through Germany, Austria, Hungary, and into the Black Sea. Danube is atypical as a masculine name. See also Danby. [Donau]

Florian 2 .. Saint Florian (fourth century) was a Roman officer under Diocletian who came to be called the patron of Poland and Austria. Florian has fallen off in popularity as a given name for boys over time since 1920-1929. [Florien, Floryan, .. 1 more]

Leopold 3 .. A royal or aristocratic name in Belgium, Austria, and Britain. Somewhat unusual as a name for newborns, existing more frequently as a surname. [Leo, Leupold, .. 1 more]

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[Danube - Leopold]
Danube [Donau], Florian [Floryan, Florien, Florrian], Leopold [Leo, Leupold, Leopoldo]