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Author Names from Arion - Balfour

Page 3/36. 347 Author names and what they mean, for author, poet, writer, novelist, seller, peddler, scribe for males. Listing 16-25.

Arion The name of a Greek poet and musician from about 700 BC ..
[Arian, Arien, Aryon]

Arnold .. English novelist Arnold Bennett ..
[Arend, Arn, Arnaldo, Arnau, Arnaud, .. 16 more]

Artemas .. Author Artemas Ward.
[Art, Artemio, Artemis, Artemus, Artie, .. 4 more]

Arthur .. Writer Arthur C ..
[Aart, Arrt, Art, Artair, Arte, .. 12 more]

Aslan .. Literary: name used by author CS Lewis for the magical lion in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and the subsequent books in the Chronicles of Narnia.

Auberon .. English writer Auberon Waugh.
[Auberron, Oberon, Oberron, Oeberon]

Bacchus .. He is also the god of poets.

Baird .. (Gaelic, Scottish, Irish) "Poet, one who sings ballads." ..
[Bar, Bard, Barde, Barr, Bayerd, .. 1 more]

Baldwin .. Author James Baldwin.
[Bald, Baldewin, Baldovino, Balduin, Balduino, .. 5 more]

Balfour .. It was named for its author, British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour, and Balfour was occasionally used as a given name in Israel afterward.
[Balfer, Balfor, Balfore, Ballfour]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Author names: Arnold, Arthur

Arnold and Arthur are commonly used names, while Arion, Artemas, Aslan, Auberon, Bacchus, Baird, Baldwin and Balfour are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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