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Awesome Names

2 Awesome names related to or that mean awesome for boys, listing Awesome baby names 1-2. Anscom and Aylward are uncommon names. View Awesome baby names below for name meanings.

Anscom ... "Valley of the awesome one." ...
[Anscomb, Anscombe, Anscoombe]

Aylward ... "Awesome guardian; noble guardian."

Related words: august, big, canonized, divine, eminent, exalted, excellent, fell, great, heavenly, high, holy, huge, immortal, large, lofty, mighty, monster, mountainous, moving, overwhelming, religious, sacred, spiritual, vast, wonderful. Partial list of 18 results related to awesome below. Click on above related words for more results.

Galileo ... who built the first astronomical telescope and confirmed Copernicus' theory that the planets revolve around the sun.

August ... Sculptor Auguste Rodin ... painter Auguste Renoir.
[Agostino, Agosto, Agustin, Agustine, Agustino, ... 13 more]

Clifford ... Literary: Clifford the Big Red Dog is the hero of many children's books ...
[Cliff, Clyff, Clyfford, Clyford]

Aniketos ... The name has survived in a small way in Catholic countries because of a second-century martyred pope who was later canonized.
[Aniceto, Anicetus, Anisio]

Anson ... Possibly means "son of Ann" or "son of the divine". Surname ...
[Annson, Ansson, Hanson]

Alta ... "High, elevated." ...
[Alto, Altus]

Howell ... "Eminent, remarkable." ...
[Howel, Howells]

Achiram ... "My brother is exalted."

Ali ... The name is one of the ninety-nine attributes of Allah proposed by Muhammad as excellent names for boy children ...

Egmont ... "Fearsome protection."

Abelard ... who fell in love with and seduced his student Heloise ...
[Ab, Abbey, Abby, Abe, Abel, ... 1 more]

Anselm ... and a formidable influence on medieval Christian thought. Selma ...
[Anse, Ansel, Anselme, Anselmi, Anselmo, ... 3 more]

Astraeus ... the gigantic race that walked the earth before mankind ...

Cosmo ... Grand Duke of Tuscany and one of the chief patrons of the Italian Renaissance ...
[Cosimo, Cosme, Kosmo]

Abraham ... celebrated for his great faith ...
[Ab, Abarran, Abe, Aberham, Abey, ... 17 more]

Amaram ... "Heavenly."

Aaron ... Biblical: Moses' brother Aaron was the first high priest of Israel ...
[Aaran, Aaren, Aarin, Aaro, Aaronas, ... 32 more]

Archard ... "Holy, powerful."

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