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Baird - Skelly

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Baird 1 .. .. the English word "Bard". An occupational .. A rare birth name for boys, Baird is found more commonly as a surname. See also Bayard. [Bar, Bard, Barde, Bayerd, .. 2 more]

Bard 2 .. "Minstrel, singer-poet." Bard is a rare first name, and it appears frequently (Top 5%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Brod. Variant of Baird .. [Baird, Bar, Barden, Bardon, .. 3 more]

Devin 3 .. From Irish, Gaelic element. "Bard, poet." A name used for both genders. Devin is frequently occurring (Top 32%) as a men's name, occurring regularly (Top 26%) as a surname according to the US Census. The form Devon is familiar as a variation of Devin. May also possibly mean "young deer" .. [Dev, Devinn, Devyn, .. 2 more]

Oisin 4 .. .. was a warrior and bard too .. Oisin is sparsely used as a men's name. See also Orsin. [Ossian, .. 1 more]

Riordan 5 .. From Irish, Gaelic element. "Bard, minstrel." Riordan is a rarely occurring men's name, occurring often (Top 6%) as a surname in the US Census. [Rearden, .. 1 more]

Skelly 6 .. Based on Irish, Gaelic element. "Bard." Unique as a name for children, occurring more commonly as a last name. See also Seeley. [Scully]

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[Baird - Skelly]
Baird [Bar, Bard, Barr, Barde, Bayrd, Bayerd], Bard [Bar, Barr, Barde, Bardo, Baird, Barden, Bardon], Devin [Dev, Devon, Devyn, Devinn, Devynn], Oisin [Ossin, Ossian], Riordan [Rearden, Reardon], Skelly [Scully]