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Bear names and what they mean, for bear for males. Here is the list of Bear names for girls. Adoption of these boy names reached its highest during 1880-1889 and is almost as widespread today, but with names like Bernard and Arthur becoming less trendy. Eden (#601) and Barrett (#346) are two of the more trendy names for newborns here.

Ardal - Barrett

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Ardal 1 .. Based on Irish, Gaelic language. "High or bear-like valor." Rare as a name for boys. See also Ardel. [Ardghal]

Arthur 2 .. .. Celtic word for "bear"; an Irish .. Very common choice for a given name for baby boys (#306 the previous year) that also occurs often as a surname. The form Artie is prevalent as a variation of Arthur. [Aart, Arrt, Artair, Arther, Arthuro, .. 12 more]

Auberon 3 .. Based on Old German element. "Noble or royal bear." Seldom used as a birth name. See also Auburn. From an Old French name of .. [Auberron, Oberron, .. 2 more]

Barend 4 .. From Old German element. "Hard bear." Unique as a name for babies. See also Bernd.

Barrett 5 Possibly Middle English "dispute, argument", Old .. The name Barrett has become increasingly popular as a given name. See also Bartt. [Baret, Barratt, Barrette, Barrie, .. 4 more]

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[Ardal - Barrett]
Ardal [Ardghal], Arthur [Arty, Artur, Artus, Artro, Arturo, Artturi, ..], Auberon [Oberon, Oberron, Oeberon, Auberron], Barend, Barrett [Barry, Barret, Barrey, Barrie, Barratt, Barrette, ..]

[Beirne - Macmahon]
Beirne, Bern [Berne, Berny, Bjorn, Bernie], Bernal [Bernold, Bernald, Bernhold, Bernhald], Bernard [Bernt, Bernie, Bernis, Burnard, Vernados, Bernhardo, ..], Berwyn [Berwin, Berwynn, Berwynne], Bjorn [Bjarn, Bjarne, Bjorne, Bjornsterne], Dov, Eden [Edin, Edyn, Edon, Edun, Eadin, Ednan], Esbjorn [Esbern, Asbjorn], Macmahon [Mcmahon, Macmahon]

[Minoru - Yosemite]
Minoru, Oberon [Oberron, Auberon, Auberron], Ormond [Ormand, Ormonde], Orson [Orsis, Urson, Sonny, Orsino, Orsini, Orsonio, ..], Osborn [Ozzie, Osburn, Osbourn, Osburne, Osborne, Osbourne], Sigbjorn [Siegbjorn], Theodore [Tudor, Todor, Theodor, Theodorus, Theodosius, Theodosios, ..], Thorburn [Thorbern, Thorbjorn], Urso [Ursus, Ursel, Ursino, Ursins, Ursinus], Yosemite