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Bear names

Bear baby names and what they mean, for bear.

These boy names were at the height of their popularity during 1880-1889 (usage of 0.1175%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.1008%, 14.2%), but with names like Bernard and Arthur becoming less trendy. Eden (#601) and Barrett (#346) are two of the more trendy names for newborns here. Berniard (top 68%) and Borrett (83%) are familiar last names.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Bear names: Arthur, Barrett, Bernard, Eden, Orson

Ardal 1 .. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "High or bear like valor." Not in popularity charts. [Ardghal]

Arthur 2 .. .. "artos", the Celtic word for "bear" .. Common as surnames, and Arthur (top 1%), Artur are comparable to common -ur surname Asfour (top 30%). [Aart, Arrt, Arte, Arthor, Arto, Artor, Artturi, Artur, Arturo, .. 8 more]

Auberon 3 .. Stems fr. Old German. "Noble or royal bear." Not in popularity charts. From an Old French name of .. [Auberron, Oeberon, .. 2 more]

Barend 4 .. Origin fr. Old German. "Hard bear." Not in Top 1000. See also Brand.

Barrett 5 .. argument, (Old German) bear strength, or .. Popular as baby names, Barrett, Barratt, etc. sound like the common Brett. [Baret, .. 7 more]

Beirne 6 .. Root fr. Old Norse word. "Bear." Beirne, like the similar-sounding Birnie, occurs more usually as a surname. See also Byrne. The name is used in Irish ..

Bern 7 .. Source fr. Old German. "Bear." Somewhat popular as birth names, Berny, Bern, etc. are comparable to the popular Benny. Also a nickname for Bernard. [Berne, Berny, .. 2 more]

Bernal 8 .. From Old German word. "Strength of a bear." Bernal, Bernold, etc. are rarely found as male names, and Bernal occurs commonly (top 1%) as a last name. Sometimes used in English speaking countries .. [Bernald, Bernhald, Bernold, .. 1 more]

Bernard 9 .. From Old French, Old German words. "Strong, brave bear." Adoption of Bearnard and variants peaked during 1900-1909 and has become lower, with Bernie, Bernhard, Bernardo, Barney and Bernard falling out of fashion. Three famous medieval saints bore the .. [Barnard, Barnhard, Barnhardo, Bear, Bern, Bernd, Berndt, Bernhard, Bernie, Bernt, .. 13 more]

Berwyn 10 .. Derivative of Old English. "Bear friend; bright friend." Berwyn, Berwynne, etc. are not Top 1000 names. [Berwin, .. 2 more]

Bjorn 11 .. Based on Scandinavian, Old Norse. "Bear." Outside Top 1000. Variant of Bernard .. [Bjarn, Bjornsterne, .. 2 more]

Dov 12 .. Root fr. Hebrew language. "Bear." Unusual as a children's name, but Dov is similar to the more familiar Dave. See also Dor.

Eden 13 .. .. and hn meaning bear cub .. Eden is a Top 1000 baby name. [Eaden, Edin, Edyn, .. 4 more]

Esbjorn 14 .. Origin fr. Old Norse word. "Godly bear." Esbjornei, Esbjorneu and Euesbjorn are kreatif forms. Common in Scandinavia. [Asbjorn, .. 1 more]

Gunnbjorn 15 .. Stems fr. Old Norse. "Bear." Not in popularity charts. Contains gunnr "strife".

Macmahon 16 .. Based on Irish, Gaelic word. "Son of the bear." Scarce as a birth name, Macmahon occurs more conventionally as a last name. TV host Ed Mcmahon. [Macmahon, .. 1 more]

Minoru 17 .. Stems fr. Japanese word. "Bear fruit." Not in popularity charts. See also Meinor.

Oberon 18 .. Root fr. Old German language. "Royal bear." Unique, with the -on ending for Oberon, Auberron, etc. like Oron. From Auberon .. [Auberon, .. 2 more]

Ormond 19 .. Source fr. Old English word. "Mountain of bears; spear or ship .. ." Ormond, Ormand and Ormonde are rarely found as men's names. Also (Irish, Gaelic) "red" .. [Ormand, .. 1 more]

Orson 20 .. Derived fr. Latin. "Bear." Usage of Orson, Orsin, etc. as baby names in 2014 was down 28.8% compared to 2013. .. in the forest by a bear .. [Orsen, Orsin, Orsino, Orsis, .. 4 more]

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Summary of Bear names (and variants) for boys.

Ardal - Orson
Ardal [Ardghal], Arthur [Arty, Arto, Artro, Artor, Artur, Artus, Arturo, Artturi, ..], Auberon [Oberon, Oberron, Oeberon, Auberron], Barend, Barrett [Baret, Barry, Barrat, Barrey, Barret, Barrie, Barratt, Barrette], Beirne, Bern [Berne, Berny, Bjorn, Bernie], Bernal [Bernold, Bernald, Bernhold, Bernhald], Bernard [Bernt, Berndt, Bernie, Bernis, Burnard, Bernhard, Vernados, Bernhardo, ..], Berwyn [Berwin, Berwynn, Berwynne], Bjorn [Bjarn, Bjarne, Bjorne, Bjornsterne], Dov, Eden [Edin, Edyn, Edon, Edun, Eaden, Ednan, Eadin], Esbjorn [Esbern, Asbjorn], Gunnbjorn, Macmahon [Mcmahon, Macmahon], Minoru, Oberon [Oberron, Auberon, Auberron], Ormond [Ormand, Ormonde], Orson [Orsin, Orsen, Urson, Orsis, Sonny, Orsini, Orsino, Orsonio]

Osborn - Yosemite
Osborn [Ozzie, Osburn, Osbourn, Osburne, Osborne, Osbourne], Sigbjorn [Siegbjorn], Theodore [Theo, Todor, Tudor, Theodon, Theodor, Theodorus, Theodosios, Theodosius, ..], Thorburn [Thorbern, Thorbjorn], Urso [Ursus, Ursel, Ursino, Ursins, Ursinus], Yosemite