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Barclay - Berkeley

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Barclay 1 .. Place name for Berkeley in Gloucestershire .. Barlar (upper 82%), Barshay (67%) are popular last names similar to Barclay (upper 2%), Bartley (1%), etc.. [Bar, Barcley, Barkley, Berkeley, Berkley, Berklie, Berky, .. 6 more]

Berkeley 2 .. In America probably most famous as .. Uncommon. Berkeley, Barkley, etc., like Wakeley, Farrley, end with the popular masculine -ley. [Bar, Barklay, Berk, Berklee, Berkley, Berky, .. 8 more]

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Barclay - Berkeley
Barclay [Berk, Berky, Berkie, Bartley, Berkley, Berklie, Barrclay, Berkeley, ..], Berkeley [Berk, Berke, Berky, Berkie, Berkley, Berklee, Birkley, Birkeley, ..]