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Bertran Names

Bertran names and what they mean, for bertran for males.

Beltran - Bertram

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Beltran 1 .. Variant of Bertrand (Old French, Old German) "bright raven" .. Beltran is an infrequently used men's name, appearing regularly (Top 1%) as a surname in the US Census. [Beltrano, Bertran]

Bertram 2 .. From an Old French name of German (Frankish) origin .. Bertram is recognizable (Top 84%) as a men's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 4%) as a surname in the US Census. The form Bertie is commonly used as a variation of Bertram. [Bart, Beltran, Bert, Berton, Bertran, .. 8 more]

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[Beltran - Bertram]
Beltran [Bertran, Beltrano], Bertram [Bert, Berton, Bertie, Bertran, Bertrum, Bertrem, Beltrano, Bertrand, Bertranno, Bertrando, ..]


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