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Bird Names

Page 1 of 2. 24 Bird names related to or that mean bird for boys, listing Bird baby names 1-20. Jay and Larry are popular names. Altair, Birtle, Burdett, Byrd, Covey, Crane, Cranford, Eagle, Efron, Enda, Fowler, Gannet, Hawk, Palila, Peabody, Phoenix, Raven and Starling are uncommon names. View Bird baby names below for name meanings or search Bird names for girls.

Altair ... "Bird." ...
[Alltair, Altaer, Altayr]

Birtle ... "Hill of bird." ...

Burdett ... "Bird."

Byrd ... "Bird-like."
[Bird, Byrdie]

Covey ... "Brood of bird." ...

Crane ... Probably an occupational name referring to the simple hoisting machine that resembles the long-legged bird ...
[Crain, Craine, Crayn, Crayne]

Cranford ... Place name. Also probably refers to the water-dwelling birds.

Eagle Bird name. Some Native American tribes name children after birds and animals.

Efron ... "Singing bird."
[Efroni, Ephron]

Enda ... "Bird." ...

Fowler ... "Bird trapper." ...

Gannet ... A sea bird that lives on cliffs and rocks.

Hawk ... "Falcon, bird of prey." ...

Jay ... "Blue crested bird." ...
[Jae, Jai, Jaye, Jayron, Jayronn, ... 1 more]

Larry ... Basketball player Larry Bird ...

Palila ... "Bird."

Peabody ... May possibly derive from the vegetable or the pea bird ...

Phoenix ... The mythical Arabian bird known as the phoenix is a symbol of immortality ...
[Fenix, Phenix]

Raven ... Name of the large black bird related to the crow ...
[Ravinn, Rayven, Rayvin]

Starling Bird name, though the name may also be associated with the word "star".

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