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Bird names

Bird baby names and what they mean, for bird, pooh.

These boy names were at the apex of their popularity during 1950-1959 (usage of 0.13%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.1135%, 12.7%), but with names such as Larry, Byrd, Robin and Jay becoming less trendy. Phoenix (#355), Christopher (#30) and Talon (#555) are three of the more contemporarily stylish birth names here, and there is also a rekindling in birth name popularity for Christopher. Byard (top 9%) and Wagle (21%) are common last names.

Here is the list of Bird names for girls.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Bird names: Byrd, Christopher, Jay, Larry, Phoenix, Raven

Altair 1 .. Root fr. Arabic. "Bird." Outside Top 1000. Also possibly of Latin origin .. [Alltair, .. 2 more]

Birtle 2 .. Based on Old English. "Hill of birds." Not in popularity charts. Place name. [Bertle]

Burdett 3 .. From Middle English. "Bird." Burdett, Burdette (cf. Burdess) are popular Bur- prefix last names. [Burdette]

Byrd 4 .. Based on Old English. "Bird like." Somewhat widely used as baby names, Byrd, Byrdie, etc. are pronounced like the conventional Brodie. [Bird, .. 1 more]

Christopher 5 .. .. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh", whose human .. Christie (upper 1%), Christopher (1%), Cristobal (8%), Kester (3%) and Stoffel (6%) are found frequently as last names. [Chris, Christie, Christoffer, Christoph, Cristobal, Cristovano, Kester, Kitt, Kriss, Kristofel, .. 22 more]

Covey 6 .. Origin fr. Middle English word. "Brood of birds." Covey and Covvey are unique as male names, and Covey occurs frequently (upper 3%) as a last name. Author Stephen Covey. [Covvey]

Crane 7 .. .. that resembles the long legged bird .. Craca, Craneca and Cranne are kreatif forms. [Crain, Crayne, .. 2 more]

Cranford 8 .. .. refers to the water dwelling birds. Not in popularity charts. [Cranfurd]

Eagle 9 Bird name. Some Native American tribes .. Unusual. Eagle (cf. Erle) has the favored androgynous-sounding -le suffix. See also Earle.

Efron 10 .. From Hebrew language. "Singing bird." Efron, Efroni and Ephron were not Top birth names in 2014. [Efroni, .. 1 more]

Enda 11 .. Source fr. Irish element. "Bird." Cross-gender use. Not Top 1000 name. From ean ..

Fowler 12 .. Derivative of Old English. "Bird trapper." Unique, with the common -er ending like Falkner. Occupational name.

Gannet 13 .. A sea bird that lives on .. Rather unusual as a baby name. [Gannett]

Hawk 14 .. From Old English language. "Falcon, bird of prey." Hawk is not often used as a boys' name. See also Hako. Hawkeye is a character played by ..

Jay 15 .. Stems fr. Latin. "Blue crested bird." Jay (top 12%) and Jae (93%) are prevalent as men's names, whereas Jai, Jaye, Jayron, Jayronn and Jeh are irregularly used. Also possibly from the Latin name .. [Jae, Jaye, Jeh, .. 3 more]

Larry 16 .. .. Basketball player Larry Bird; actor/comedian .. Adoption of Larry as a baby name in 2014 was 26.5% less than a decade ago. See also Darry.

Palila 17 .. From Hawaiian word. "Bird." Outside Top 1000. [Pali]

Peabody 18 .. .. the vegetable or the pea bird .. Not Top 1000 name.

Phoenix 19 .. The mythical Arabian bird known as .. Phoenix has become progressively more popular as a baby name since the 1880s. [Fenix, .. 1 more]

Raven 20 .. .. the large black bird related to .. Moderately atypical as a birth name, Raven is found more frequently as a last name. [Ravinn, .. 2 more]

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Summary of Bird names (and variants) for boys.

Altair - Raven
Altair [Altayr, Altaer, Alltair], Birtle [Bertle], Burdett [Burdette], Byrd [Bird, Byrdie], Christopher [Tobal, Topher, Kristos, Stoffel, Kristofor, Krzysztof, Kristoffer, Kristoforos, ..], Covey [Covvey], Crane [Crain, Crayn, Crayne, Craine], Cranford [Cranfurd], Eagle, Efron [Efroni, Ephron], Enda, Fowler, Gannet [Gannett], Hawk, Jay [Jeh, Jae, Jai, Jaye, Jayron, Jayronn], Larry, Palila [Pali], Peabody, Phoenix [Fenix, Phenix], Raven [Ravinn, Rayven, Rayvin]

Robin - Vireo
Robin [Robyn, Roban, Robben, Robbin, Robbyn], Shepherd [Shep, Shepp, Shepard, Sheppard, Shephard, Shepperd], Starling, Talon [Talin, Talen, Tallan, Tallen, Tallin, Tallon], Tern, Tigger, Torio [Torrio], Vireo